Media Production: Getting Sermon Notes and Lyrics on Time

Everyone has a different responsibility at church, and the general philosophy is that “as long as I get my work done when I need it done, Sunday will go fine.” And most the time, that’s kind of a true statement. In a sense, the thought is that it doesn’t matter if you practice the songs 2 weeks before rehearsal or 2 hours before rehearsal – as long as you know them by the rehearsal or Sunday morning, you’re fine. Same with sermon notes – as a pastor, if you have them finished by th...

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How To Have Beneficial Church Volunteer Meetings

Volunteers are truthfully the backbone of success in a church. Volunteers cover more ground than any church plant leadership team can imagine, from worship to children’s ministry, ushering, first impressions teams, managing social media, tech, and so many other ministry operations. So it’s no wonder why meeting with volunteers is such an incredibly important practice as a pastor. The issue that comes up with volunteer meetings isn’t whether or not to have them, but rather how to make th...

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How to Find Volunteer Worship Leaders

We all know of the “church shopping” phenomenon. It’s usually the bane of any church planter. When a church is just starting out, getting everything sorted and finding its “home base”, so to speak, takes time. In other words, congregation patience would be incredibly helpful for church plants, but the truth still stands that first impressions often have a greater weight in choosing a church than the long-term strategy. We wish it wasn't that way, but unfortunately that's the case. T...

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Lead Pastors: Preparing to Take a Sunday Off

Everyone in the church takes days off - whether for vacation or just to rest for a Sunday. That’s simply part of living a healthy lifestyle. You need time to yourself to recuperate and come back refreshed for your job. And while weekdays are often a good time to take work off, it’s important to have a couple Sunday’s away. However, while everyone else has no problem taking a few Sundays to themselves each year, it’s rare that lead pastors of churches take of enough Sundays for themsel...

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Part-Time Church Tech Directors: Organization Tips

Church tech directors carry a ton of responsibility. Any time someone has tech related issues or questions, the ability to get it fixed and keep moving all hinges on the expertise and involvement of the church director and/or tech team. But having that much responsibility comes with an unfortunate caveat – you have to keep it all organized. Whether it be lights, worship backgrounds, worship lyrics slides, sound, sermon slides – you name it. It’s a ton to keep organized. So, if you’re ...

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Volunteer Church Musicians: Quantity vs. Reliability

Churches need volunteers to operate, and building a strong volunteer culture at your church can help drastically with improving the efficiency of Sunday morning preparation, smoothing out rough edges in production, and lastly (and most importantly) advancing the gospel to unbelievers. Volunteer management is one of the most crucial responsibilities of being a worship leader. Not only do you need to recruit people – you need to recruit talented musicians who can create an engaging worship en...

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Recruiting Volunteers as a Church Planter

If there’s one thing that church planters never need, it’s quality, committed, and invested volunteers… Thanks, we practiced that one all weekend. To state the obvious, finding volunteers that are capable and talented, as well as invested in the church’s mission is incredibly difficult. Talk to any church planter (or any church for that matter) and you’re sure to hear about the difficulty of finding and maintaining quality volunteers. It’s rare that any church ever feels they h...

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Tips for Recruiting a Church Planting Team

Having a strong church planting team isn’t about numbers – it’s entirely about the quality of everyone who's involved. Church planting is an intense, long, and sometimes strenuous process, and having the right people behind the effort can make or break the endeavor as a whole. Keep in mind also that the average turnover for church planting teams is around 80% 2-years after the launch date, so you need a team that is committed to building a healthy and sustainable leadership environment. ...

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Finding a Children’s Ministry Director for Your Church

Almost every church needs a children’s ministry. Whether you’re an established church or a fresh new church planter – there will, without a doubt, be children in your congregation. Unfortunately, a lot of church planters and new ministries don’t view it as a top priority when starting out, so before we dive into the how, we’d like to quickly highlight why it’s important to have a children’s ministry in your church right off the get-go for the overall health and growth of the congre...

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