Josiah Smith and FamilyHi everyone! Welcome to I’m Josiah Smith, the founder, owner, and producer of most of the videos here on the site. All of my subscribers have a direct communication link to me, and it is my pleasure to work with and take requests from 7,000+ members in over 100 different countries.

I live in Brooklyn Park, MN with my wonderful wife Shannon and our 3 awesome kids: Ethan, Naomi and Levi! Shannon was once an RN working in women’s health and pediatrics, now a full time mom. As for me – Motion Worship has been my full time job since June 2011, serving an absolutely wonderful group of church leaders, Christian organizations, and businesses.

Meet the Staff

Caleb HinrichsI’m Caleb Hinrichs, and I live in Champlin, MN with my amazing wife Cally. If I’m not making videos you might find me trying a new restaurant in town, playing disc golf, or attempting to cook. I graduated with a degree in media production from the University of Northwestern and worked as a videographer in a local church for four years. Having been on staff at a church, I know how valuable good media with a message is, which is why I am so thrilled to be part of the Motion Worship team and to help create amazing media for churches around the world.

Chris FlemingHey! My name is Chris Fleming and I’m a marketing major from the University of Northwestern, St. Paul. Both my beautiful wife, Erin, and I grew up in the same church together and now attend Grace Church in Eden Prairie, MN. Outside of Motion Worship, I avidly play and teach drums in the Minneapolis music community, play disc golf (the only “sport” I’m good at), and roast my own coffee. I believe quality media has a strong connection to a congregation’s experience at a church and putting our best foot forward to produce well-crafted church assets helps to further the Kingdom of God. I’m absolutely pumped to be a part of the team at Motion Worship and am excited to build useful tools for all the churches in our network.

The Motion Worship Story (by Josiah)

I began leading worship, producing worship services, and designing Christian multimedia in 2001. Back then, I remember my church was on the cutting edge, producing custom images to be displayed behind every song. I put hours into photoshopping images together that fit the lyrics. It was great. Then, in 2005, I was introduced to Media Shout, and everything changed. At the time there simply weren’t many resources out there. Mostly clouds, nature and light rays. So after many weeks of prayer and video production, I started Motion Worship in 2006 with just 40 videos.

For four years, I reinvested the income into the business and began sponsoring missionary families. During this time I also worked in young adult ministry, and led worship at conferences across the Midwest with my band, Josiah Smith Band (I’ve had the great honor and pleasure of partnering with Greg Speck on numerous occasions – I love that guy).

In January 2010, I decided that I must give more to my growing subscriber base, so I prayerfully began taking a small salary and working from home 2 days a week. God blessed this investment beyond my wildest imaginings. In 18 months, I was able to double the number of videos available on the site and vastly improve production quality. The number of subscribers grew from 700 to 1,600, and I was able to begin fully supporting 3 missionary families and a World Vision family.

God has made abundantly clear his desire for this business to be my full time ministry to the Church, fulfilling its two missions:
1. To provide churches of every size, in every nation, with affordable, high-quality multimedia.
2. To advocate and provide support for native missions as well as the poor and neglected.

Thank you so much for visiting – if you have any questions, feel free to email me or check out the F.A.Q. below. God bless!


How much is a membership?
We have 3 membership levels: A Full Access Membership costs $79 per year, starting at the time of the subscription. It includes download access to all videos on the site, including any new videos added during the one-year period. The Motions Plus Membership ($50/year) includes all motions, countdowns, and still images as well as any new media in those categories added during the one-year period (note: mini-movies are not available under this membership). Finally, the Mini-Movie Membership ($29/year) provides download access to mini-movies only, including new mini-movies added during the one-year period. All memberships auto-renew until canceled, and you’ll receive an email notice 5 days before renewal. You can cancel at any time and still have access for the full subscription period.

How does it work?
Once you register and pay you get immediate download access to site content as described above. You can literally register, then go and download all the videos & stills available to you right away. You’ll also receive regular updates without any additional fees.

How do I download the videos?
After you register and login, download buttons will appear on each video’s detail page & under every video thumbnail. I encourage users to download the videos they need on a week to week basis. This saves time, saves bandwidth, and after a year of membership you will have built a huge video library. But, as I said, you are welcome to download as many videos as often as you like.

How often do you update?
10-12 new mini-movies are added each calendar year. In addition, new motions, stills and countdowns are added every few weeks, oftentimes in batches. I typically upload a large number of videos leading up to holidays.

Can I request a video?
Absolutely! I love producing subscriber requests – it gives me wonderful creative ideas and provides the highest level of value and service. All subscriber requests are added to my production list if I feel it is within my power to produce the video and a value to most or all of my membership. I accept requests via email. If a request is too specific to a single member or ministry, I will occasionally offer to produce the video at contract price.

What download formats do you offer?
My videos are all available in 480p SD resolution; all videos created in 2010 and later are available in both SD & 720p HD resolution. Registered members can download all of the following: WMV, suggested for windows users, MP4, suggested for Mac users, and then I also offer MPG1 format which isn’t as high of quality but guaranteed to work on all systems and software. Click here to download a free sample video and see the various formats.

Will your backgrounds work with my presentation software?
My backgrounds work with just about every presentation software –
Media Shout
ShareFaith Presenter
Easy Worship
Song Show Plus
and many, many, many more…

What are my payment options?
I accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. You can also pay with PayPal.

Can I use your videos or stills in my commercial project, website, paid conference, paid concert, DVD, movie, book, TV station, etc.?
The standard Motion Worship license only covers display of the videos at one physical location (such as a church building). Videos are never licensed royalty free and cannot be used in any commercial (for profit) ventures. Editing is allowed for non-profit and for display only. Please contact me with questions or if you wish to purchase additional licensing.

We are a multi-site church with several campuses – is this a problem?
Motion Worship offers a single site license. This means you need one subscription for each physical address where the media will be displayed. Please purchase additional memberships for each of your campuses.

Why is a membership so expensive?
What? Really? If I’m not mistaken it should be about the cheapest thing out there. I mean, if you do the math on a Full Access Membership, the videos are less than 10 cents each!

Okay, then, why is a membership so cheap?
My purpose is to serve the church. I know that smaller congregations who desire to use multimedia in their services simply don’t have the budget to keep buying DVDs and online downloads (especially at $7-15 a shot!). So my hope is this site will be a valuable resource that is affordable for congregations, and still be able to cover my expenses, sponsor missionaries and give money to the poor. Furthermore, as a worship leader, I use these backgrounds to enhance worship at conferences and church services – so I’m quite happy to share with anyone who finds them useful to this end.

What if I forget my login/password?

Click on the “account” link in the main menu. There’s a place to request a lost password, with an option to enter your email to retrieve it.

What if I forget the email I signed up with?

You can email me with your information – I’ll search the database for your login/email.

How do I cancel?

Click on the “account” link in the main menu. Cancellation is under the “Your Payment History” tab.


PRIVACY POLICY: click here to view
LICENSE AGREEMENT: click here to view
WEBSITE TERMS: click here to view
RETURN POLICY: Motion Worship LLC offers only digital goods and accepts no returns or exchanges.
CANCELLATION POLICY: A subscription may be canceled at any time – access to paid content will continue until one year after the initial subscription date.
REFUND POLICY: Refunds may be provided up to 5 days after the initial date of the subscription, provided that no paid content has been downloaded by the subscriber and the subscription is canceled. If log records show that the subscriber has downloaded paid content, any refund requests will be denied. Refunds for subscription renewals may be provided up to 5 days after the renewal date, but only at the discretion of Motion Worship LLC, and only after cancellation of the subscription.
DELIVERY / SHIPPING POLICY: Motion Worship LLC offers only digital goods and only promises consistent digital delivery of paid content. In the event of a technical failure, digital goods may not be accessible for a short period. Motion Worship LLC is committed to keeping downtime to an absolute minimum.
CURRENCY: All transactions are conducted in U.S. Dollars.
RECURRING CHARGES: The subscriber accepts that pending cancellation they will receive annual charges for the subscription in the amounts detailed in the subscription product description.

119 Comments on “About Motion Worship

  1. avatar Deborah Baron | :

    Hey Josiah and everyone there at Motion Worship! Thank you! And thank the Lord for you! Love your work! Love your hearts for God! Your videos are brilliant for small and growing churches to present in a modern and meaningful way.
    Deb Baron
    HTK Church, Kawana Waters, Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia

  2. avatar Mark | :

    Thank you so much for what you do. This is the most affordable and best motion background site I’ve been to and a member of. Everyone in our church absolutely love your backgrounds.

    God bless!!!

  3. avatar Charlie Mercado | :

    Wow! Your testimony is amazing. You are a powerful instruments in the hand of God. Blessings brother and all your family.

  4. avatar Monica Zantingh | :

    Thank you so much for blessing us with your work. These are by far the best quality mini-movies etc. for that awesome price, that allows small churches like ours to present quality products to our congregation. Thank you for sharing your gifts and talents.

  5. avatar Adrienne | :

    I just appreciate, so much, how I can put a presention together and everything matches! Also, that you’re making 5 minute countdowns. God bless this ministry :)

  6. avatar that_light_guy | :

    Congrats on your 1000th video! your ministry has been an amazing blessing to many churches, thank you for your work!

  7. avatar Pastor Joyce Williams | :

    Hi Josiah, grace and peace unto you. We absolutely can not wait to share this gift with our church. We have a small congregation that loves the Lord. Your prices are an extreme blessing to the Kingdom. Thank you! We are signing up and are praying that God mightily uses you, your staff, should you have one, and the media to minister to millions. We shall share your website with others by word of mouth and by them viewing our screen. The graphics are awesome! And at this point, we have only viewed samples. lol. Excited!

  8. avatar Scott | :

    We love your seamless backgrounds and usually lay a transparent .PNG file on top so it looks very custom created for our church.
    The full membership is such a deal and we love that we’re supporting these fine people here at Motion Worship.
    God bless you all and your families.
    Scott @ Long Avenue Baptist Church
    Port St. Joe, FL

  9. avatar Efe | :

    Hi Josiah,

    God bless you for being used to edify the body. The pricing of this product is a blessing to growing congregations like ours here in Aberdeen UK. Apart from paying for the subscription, is there a way a seed can be sown into your ministry?

    Stay blessed

  10. avatar Daniel J | :

    Thank you so much for all your hard work and amazing videos. I myself, when and if I have time, create videos and motion graphics with the new Adobe suite, which I am guessing is what you use.
    It also seems you may use some great ideas and materials from VideoCoPilot, which I love myself. Your skill is amazing and your touch is precise yet balanced. Nothing cheesy or cheap here, the subscription is a STEAL at $50 a year (would even buy it double that or more). I know it takes a LOT of time and investment to make the videos look as good as they do.
    Thanks for helping me take our media (which I am honored to be in charge of) ministry to the next level. Keep up the great work!
    God Bless,
    Daniel from Columbia TN

  11. avatar victor nyarko | :

    Your worship backgrounds are God-sent. I stumbled on your website and it has made a whole lot difference in our sunday service presentation.
    God richly bless your effort and time invested in this.

  12. avatar Logan Ferrebee | :

    Before Motion Worship I used still pictures for the background behind my songs. These still pictures worked fine and looked good, for maybe one to three Sundays in a row, then they got really bland and boring. When I found Motion Worship I was amazed! I thought “Man This Would Be Fantastic!” and then reality hit me, “I bet this will cost me at least $100 or more to get this. My pastors would never let me pay that much for something, no matter how good it is.”. And then I saw the $50 membership fee and I was sold! I asked my pastors for permission to purchase and use this program and they went right along with it! I thank you so much for putting this wonderful program up for public purchase and use. Today was the first time it was put into use (Sunday Morning) and I could already tell the staggering difference it has with our music ministry. Thank you again, and God bless!

    Logan Ferrebee
    Sound Booth Worker And Overhead Manager
    Christian Life Church – Eufaula, AL

  13. avatar Jon Roberts | :

    This was by the far the best $50 I have ever spent. We use the backgrounds and countdowns every Saturday Morning in our services. I absolutely love the holiday themes. The high quality of the background loops is amazing. May God continue to bless your ministry. Thank you so much for your ministry.

    Jon Roberts
    Connect Worship Visual Director
    Colllegedale, TN

    • avatar M. J. Hunter | :

      Jon, I just want to say GOD BLESS YOU for using these fine worship media materials at Connect. My son attends Southern Adventist University, and we attended Connect’s service once during a campus visit, so I’m familiar with the work that you and your team do there. Keep up the great work!

      Thank you, Josiah, for making this invaluable resource available to the body of Christ. Be blessed!

  14. avatar Jimmy Carter | :

    After spending lots of money of still and motion backgrounds, and not really wanting to spend $5-$20 PER download, discovering this site has been such a blessing! Thank you so much for providing quality videos, countdowns, stills, etc. at such an affordable rate. If anyone complains about the $50 fee to sign up for a year of unlimited downloads, they have obviously not been in this market for very long. I praise the Lord that He gave you the passion and insight to make these videos available for us (especially the “small churches”) so we can enhance our worship services. May the Lord continue to bless your ministry and your business.

    In His Service,

    Jimmy Carter

  15. avatar Terrance Smiley | :

    Brother Josiah,

    I just wanted to tell you awesome website. I signed up about a month ago and have been utilizing your graphics in all facets of our service.

    Many Blessings and Continued Success!

    Mr. Smiley

  16. avatar Matthew | :

    Great content and by far the best value out there. Your site has greatly improved my content for the services and allows me to keep things fresh without breaking my budget. Thank you!

  17. avatar Bobby Wells | :

    This is an amazing product for just about everything. I use it at church and it’s so appreciated. Thanks Motion Worship! God Bless You

  18. avatar Brian Overholt | :

    Hi Josiah,

    I really have to thank you for all the great material on this site. I am the director of communications at a medium sized church, and I oversee almost every aspect of our worship services… especially announcements, video, worship backgrounds, etc.

    The church does not have a huge budget, and I was looking at taking a few years to upgrade to some higher quality worship graphics gradually over time. But then I found your site, and saw what a subscription would cost. I feel like I have hit the jackpot.

    There are simply so many fantastic videos and backgrounds here. Our church is instantly going to go from sorta-okay to AMAZING in the visual side of our worship experience.

    We can’t thank you enough. Your work is superb.

  19. avatar Jeanine Robinson | :

    All I can say is THANK YOU!! this is just what our Media Ministry needed! At the price we needed also!!

    I searched many sites looking for worship videos, but when I read your “About” page I was confident I had the right company!!

    God Bless you!!

    Jeanine R.

  20. avatar Jeremy Ives | :

    Thanks so much for providing many awesome videos I can use in my ministry :)
    God Bless!

  21. avatar Nathan C | :

    I requested a few types of videos about a month ago, and today I come on the site and see almost every type made! Thanks so much for listening to the subscribers about what they need for their church! An amazing value, especially considering the quality!

    We are a new church, and this site fits exactly what we can afford!

    Nathan C
    Living Hope Community Church

  22. avatar Isaac | :

    Orange Valley Church in Exeter, CA
    thanks you very much for using your gift and allowing us to present the Gospel to our
    church in ways that are very interactive. I have recently taken over most of the media at our church and am both excited/nervous. I want to do the best job possible.
    Thanks for the inspiration.

  23. avatar Cesar MR | :

    Hello, I’m from Mexico, and I love this backgrounds, it´s a really great job… I don’t know if you can make some of the mini-movies in spanish.

    I think this is a great tool for the church

  24. avatar Lori-House on the Rock | :

    I stumbled on your web-site about 8 months ago.
    “Mission Control” (our media and sound team) is at a new level in video and worship because of your web-site. I look forward each Sunday checking out your latest work. It’s our one stop shop.
    Thanks, this has been such a blessing.

  25. avatar Bill | :

    Thanks, Josiah. This is great! God bless you!

  26. avatar Ruben Banderas | :

    Praise the Lord , just wanted to thank you for this site and the work that you do for the love of God. We just started using your backgrounds at our local church. I personally love your work, i know that the members of the church like it too. keep up the good work.

  27. avatar Mary Persky | :

    I am thrilled to find you. Your work is wonderful and the price is even more so. I am using all your stuff except on one song this week. I’ll be here very week looking.

  28. avatar Elizabeth | :

    Ok, you just saved me hours of my life and many tears of frustration with your amazing videos. Best $50 I’ve spent in a long time! Thanks for all you do!

  29. avatar Faithtravelers | :

    Thank you so much for what you are doing! If you could only see the joy on our leaders faces last night when we had presented our worship songs on the backgrounds and the mini videos.
    We were using a overhead projector until last night when we set up our tv and used your website. The shout that went up in that building as they took the sheet off the wall that they used to project the words upon was AWESOME!
    You just don’t know the Lord has used this ministry in an awesome way in KENTUCKY!

  30. avatar Nancy Lovan | :

    I read your story and love what God is doing through you and your ministry. Thank you so much for being obedient and allowing us to benefit from it. I have searched many resources to find quality videos and backgrounds to use for our services and this is truly the best I’ve found in a price range that is affordable. Again thank you!
    Thanks and God bless!

  31. avatar Trevor Gerstmann | :


    Thanks for this amazing resource. I’ve seen both the selection and the quality increased over the past couple years, and I definitely recommend this resource to any worship leader. I was really excited to see you got a plug from worshipleader magazine! Congrats and great job.


  32. avatar June Larson | :

    I’ve heard about you from my sister Lynn. I’ve enjoyed your music. Last night I came across this site while looking for videos for our worship and realized this is the same Josiah Smith from my sister’s church. This is a great price and appreciate your making it more available to churches because we are ALWAYS on a limited budget. I’m looking forward to using your videos soon.

  33. avatar Aaron Barnett | :

    My pastor came across this site last year and it has been an amazing resource. Thank you for putting in the time and resources it is a HUGE blessing for smaller churches.

    Aaron Barnett
    Open Door Community Church

  34. avatar Jun Ballesteros | :

    You have a great project! The Lord has blessed you so much with a special gift. I’d like to share this to all my friends in my address book. May God bless you more! I hope to hear from you.

  35. avatar Karen | :

    This sight is amazing!! We have raised the quality of our productions 10 fold – thank you so much.
    Do you have any countdowns from 10 -1 (seconds)?

    Thanks again

  36. avatar Art | :

    Do all the countdowns start at 5 minutes or do you have longer ones?
    We use these also in the courtesy monitor for band and pastor and they love it, but 5 mins is not enough most times.

    • avatar Josiah | :

      The longest countdown I’ve made thus far is 5 minutes.

  37. avatar Deky Tawas | :

    Hi Josiah !
    I am from Bali – Indonesia.
    Thanks for this site….
    Very helpfull for my church…Jesus bless you with your family !

  38. avatar Josh J | :

    Hi Josiah!
    Thanks for this site! My pastor stumbled on it the other day. I have been at this church for a year now as youth pastor. We have had a projection system in our sanctuary for about two months now.

    In my former ministry position, my pastor at the time had a subscription to another web site that we used for backgrounds. Once my current church installed the new system I checked into that web site to see how much the subscription cost. It was $300 a year! I knew that the church would not want to dump another chunk of money into backgrounds.

    Thank you so much for making quality backgrounds at an affordable price! Keep up the good work!

    • avatar Josiah | :

      Hi Josh – glad to be a blessing – thanks for the encouragement!

  39. avatar Joy | :

    Hi Josiah, I’ve been renewing my Membership for a few years now and love the quality and variety of your clips. We’re a small House Church ( less than 10 ) and your site has been a tremendous blessing providing fabulous quality for us at such affordable cost. I use your clips in various ways for free ministry purposes to give away to the vulnerable, hurting, poor and needy – they are great for adding music and scriptures to.
    Thank You. Your clips are reaching the lost and hurting as well as providing worship resources for us.

  40. avatar Felipe Rodriguez | :

    Hello Josiah,

    my church is currently working with 1080p (FULL HD) resolution and I was wondering if you have or will be doing some of this videos on 1080p. I love your work but I would love to have it on a 1080p format.

    • avatar Josiah | :

      Hi Felipe – I don’t have plans currently to make this switch, partially due to very low demand (only 20-30% of churches are using HD) and partially due to system requirements. Presentation software is very resource intensive, so bringing the video resolution down to 720p helps to keep things from crashing. I’m sure this will improve over the course of time.

  41. avatar Alexander Canson Jr. | :

    Mabuhay! from Philippines. Very nice backgrounds. I hope we could use these during our worship services and choir concerts. God bless you Josiah.

  42. avatar Jenny | :

    OMGOSH. I was looking for something like this but they are all so expensive and my church cannot afford that right now, but this we might!!!! Thank you so much for your service… Blessings to you & your family!!

  43. avatar Ryan | :

    This is awesome. Definitely signing up

  44. avatar Brian Dotson | :

    Hey Josiah,
    You are quite literally a God-send! Thanks so much for the terrific network quality video work. We are a church of about 100 weekly attendance and have spent hundreds on bax across the last decade. Your work is classier, higher quality technically and artistically than any outlet we have used before. We actually retired our whole stable of videos and replaced them with’s videos – talk about a face lift! Thanks for the great product!

    BTW – more countdowns with music would be even better!

    • avatar Josiah | :

      Hi Brian – Wow, thank you so much for the encouragement! I plan to produce most or all countdowns in the future with music – blessings to you!

  45. avatar Tony Huffer | :

    Our church recently started using the MatroxTripleHead2Go for double and triple wide graphics. We love it! I spend lots of time re-rendering video and jpegs to fit the aspect ratio. There are a few compaunies offering triple wide graphics, but your stuff would look awesome in that format!

    • avatar Kyle Teichroew | :

      Yeah, that makes sense, i know of at least 2 churches that are using triple wide screens now. I know your stuff would look BOSS in this format!!

  46. avatar Rob | :

    Fantastic Job… and Great Service for the body… We love your stuff and it is very easy to use. What do you think about a life time sign up????

    • avatar Josiah | :

      Thank you Rob – unfortunately, a life time sign up would seriously limit my ministry. To make an analogy, it would be like you asking your congregation members to just give one offering and never again the rest of their lives. I have 3 missionary families and 1 World Vision family counting on this income, and I am glad to offer the best quality media at 1/2 to 1/5 the cost of any other subscription service.

      • avatar Tony Huffer | :

        I would pay more for a MotionWorship yearly subscription. This is the BEST bargain on the web. I hope you’re making lots of money. I sense you are a good steward of your ability and your income.
        Your loops are similar to a song on iTunes. You produce them, we download them and use them in our worship services to enhance our focus on Jesus and God’s character.
        A life-time membership would not appeal to Paul Baloche, Lady Gaga or PlanetShakers. At about $0.11/loop, it sure beats the $10-25 per video from Skit Guys, Floodgate or SermonSpice.
        Thank you, Josiah, for a wonderful gift to our Christian community!

  47. avatar Rafael | :

    These new slides are amazing!!!! getting better and better each time. Any Spanish service slides coming out?

    THANK YOU!!!!!

  48. avatar Melody | :

    I wanted to Thank You. Using a high $ source for a once a year retreat made no sense. This most definitely does make sense. Thanks for your work–it truly makes a difference! And I’ve just got to say, your Water of Life video brings tears to my eyes and was posted at the perfect time (of course) for our “Jars of Clay” themed retreat!

  49. avatar Josh Miltier | :

    We just wanted to say thanks for your hard work and all you do! You put out some amazing work, and are very blessed and talented! We exclusively use your backgrounds here at church and will continue to! Just wanted to say thanks, we’re praying for you and your family and hope that God continues to bless !!!

    Josh @ TBCMuskogee

  50. avatar Harold | :

    I am writing to tell you the blessing your products have been for our media ministry.


  51. avatar Nathanael | :

    Do you have any baby dedication slides. or Child dedication. Keep up the good work.

  52. avatar Jan Reed | :

    I really appreciate all the new Father’s Day movies/graphics… You really do great work!! The little girl in the swing looks like it could be your daughter.

    Have a wonderful and blessed Father’s day. Thank you for making all of us ‘church tec people’ look good.

    Jan Reed

  53. avatar Archie | :

    Josiah, could you please make a loop that has David Hasselhoff and Jesus hugging? I’d like to use it for our Father’s Day service. Also, if you could make a loop of Chuck Norris cutting the devil in half with a chainsaw, that would be super.

    • avatar Josiah | :

      Um….what? I guess I don’t take ALL requests, Archie ;)

  54. avatar Ope | :

    Can you please make loops for the rapture/second coming of Christ.
    Thank you.

  55. avatar kevin | :

    cound you make a loop with todays message on top or left side with an open bible (watermark) so I can use as a service slide

  56. avatar Tracy | :

    Josiah, this is awesome! Thanks for using your gifts and talents to bless the church. We’ve been looking for new backgrounds, and really didn’t want to pay $8 a pop, or $50 for 12 backgrounds, most of which we didn’t like. Your backgrounds look great, and they’re at a price that almost seems too good to be true! Fantastic!

    • avatar Josiah | :

      Thanks for the encouragement Tracy! It is definitely more a blessing to give than to receive.

  57. avatar Rafael | :

    THX for the quick response. I subscribed and used a bunch of the backgrounds with EW for Good Friday and it was a huge hit, especially with my father (also my pastor) which was a surprise. looking forward to anything and everything else you’ve got coming.THANKS!!!! GOD BLESS!!!! HAVE A HAPPY RESURRECTION DAY!!!!!

  58. avatar Rafael | :

    Hello. Do the backgrounds/countdowns work with Easyworship? Thanks.

    • avatar Josiah | :

      Hi Rafael! Yes, all of my download formats are compatible with EasyWorship

      • avatar yolanda | :

        what format did U use? My church has easyworship as well.

  59. avatar Dixie | :

    Is there a way to just do a one year’s membership without the automatic renewal for next year?

    • avatar Josiah | :

      Hi Dixie – just sign up and then cancel. You’ll be able to download the whole year regardless.

      • avatar Tony Huffer | :

        Looking forward to my renewal date. I feel guilty paying so little for so much.

  60. avatar Mike | :

    Just wondering if the loops can be used with iMovie or Final Cut Express?

    • avatar Josiah | :

      Hi Mike – the MP4s will work best for iMovie and other Apple products. Just remember that these videos can be edited only for non-commercial use. Thanks!

  61. avatar Bev | :

    Great new stuff!! Thanks so much for helping us keep our video presentations fresh! Keep ’em coming. Thanks so much!!

  62. avatar Chester Cannon | :

    You are extremely talented- please more videos for offering and welcome/thank you (beginning and end of services). What you have is great, but I’d like more choices so I’m not using the same ones every two weeks. Keep up the great work- every church that uses a/v in their services should know about your work. Best bang for your buck- hands down!

  63. avatar Johnny | :

    Just subscribed a few days ago…Love it…Especially since i attend a small church, 70 average congregation. Keep up the awesome work!

  64. avatar Erwin Wagner | :

    Hallo Josiah

    vielen Dank auch aus Deutschland für die tollen loops. Wir arbeiten mit der Software SongBeamer ( und sind begeistert von den Hintergründen.

  65. avatar Andy | :

    Great stuff!

  66. avatar kevin friedman | :

    Please add to service slides.. Worship in Giving… Offering…thanks


    • avatar Josiah | :

      great idea, Kevin!

  67. avatar Bob | :

    Just curious what type of authoring software do you use to make your loops and/or countdowns/

    • avatar Josiah | :

      Hi Bob – I use Adobe After Effects and a variety of plugins

  68. avatar malynda | :

    hey there. do your worship video loops work on keynote or imovie?

    • avatar Josiah | :

      As I understand it, keynote restarts video when switching to the next slide. So although they work, keynote would make them start over which would be distracting. Yes they work fine in iMovie (mp4).

  69. avatar Matt Duffy | :

    Hey Josiah,

    Using this site for ProPresenter and loving it. However, I want to dive more into the graphics field. I have CS4 and Final Cut, etc.. Can you give suggestions on where you learned to create these backgrounds?

    • avatar Josiah | :

      I pretty much use After Effects exclusively these days, although there are soooo many amazing graphics programs out there for specific purposes (most of which are $1000+). I find tutorials and ideas in all sorts of places via youtube, google, social networking, and other sites, but by far the greatest resources is However, I must say that too many people just copy his stuff or download his projects and change the text then re-sell them, which I find quite canned and uncreative. Andrew Kramer is a genius, though – it’s so awesome that he’s willing to freely share his knowledge. God bless him.

  70. avatar J.R. | :

    We just upgraded to Media Shout 4 at our church and we ordered your motion background subscription. We can’t wait to start using them. It is really going to take our worship to the next level! They are great quality and very contemporary. I challenge anyone to find a better value. Thanks for helping smaller churches with smaller budgets improve their worship!

    • avatar Josiah | :

      awesome! I love Media Shout…

  71. avatar Josiah | :

    Ask them how they feel about Favre coming to the Vikings. ;) I haven’t yet filmed any trillium, but if i see some I’ll snag it for you.

  72. avatar Michele McGuirl | :

    I know nature images are not your favorite, but do you have any of trillium? We don’t have trillium in Montana but a church member from Wisconsin has expressed a desire to have this as a motion graphic.

    Thanks for your efforts to make quality visuals at a reasonable price.

  73. avatar Robert | :

    Can I send you a money order? I don’t have a credit card or bank account.

    • avatar Josiah | :

      sure – i can set up a subscription manually if you send me a check

  74. avatar Brock | :

    Do these backgrounds work with pro-presenter? I can’t find the Many More…

    • avatar Josiah | :

      Yes, the backgrounds work with Pro Presenter

  75. avatar Jessica | :

    Hi there-

    We just purchased a membership last week, and want to say thanks for offering these resources so cheaply. I see no difference between the things you offer, and those that cost up to $10 each! Keep up the fantastic work!


  76. avatar Sandy | :

    I came across your site and would like to know if
    you can put the words to a song on these backgrounds, very interested in this. Thanks

  77. avatar seth | :

    hey josiah! just wondering when we can see some new backgrounds being uploaded?

  78. avatar Josiah | :

    absolutely yes

  79. avatar Jonathan | :

    do you now if your backgrounds work with pro presenter?

  80. avatar Christianne | :

    Hi Josiah.. I was just browsing for free video loops for church.. and came across with loads of sites with membership fees or even paying 6$ for 1 video loop which I found to be quite expensive, and I hoped I could get a site that could offer unlimited video loops which are worship-related. Thanks to your site. I haven’t subscribed yet, but I want to suggest it to our church to finance the subscription fee. God bless you and your ministry. :)

  81. avatar Pat | :

    Hi Joshia,
    Thankyou so much for your amazing ministry here it is such a blessing to be able to access this quality of presentations for the amazing price,
    Also i am looking to start to create my own backgrounds just wondering what software you use?
    Blessing Pat

  82. avatar Gary | :

    We use your backgrounds at church quite frequently. I’m so appreciative of the content, quality, and pricing. Everyone should take advantage of this.

  83. avatar Janet | :

    hey Josiah!
    Thanks so much for your work and the very cheap price for unlimited downloads! We needed a Bethlehem star to use during our Christmas musical and yours is PERFECT!
    Thank you

  84. avatar Tammy | :

    I love these backgrounds! They have enhanced the visual effects of our worship service so nicely!
    One I have wanted to find to use for scriptures is an open bible zoomed in to show the book – so if scriptures are in Mark – the background would be Mark – I see this with a candle or lantern burning off to one side – It would be so cool-
    Anyway LOVE your work if you have time and interest I would love to see what you come up with along this ideal!

  85. avatar Josiah | :

    yep – they work with ProPresenter

  86. avatar Jessica | :

    Are your backgrounds compatable with ProPresenter?

  87. avatar Josiah | :

    yep they do work with movie maker

  88. avatar sarah | :

    Will the video backgrounds work with windows movie maker?

  89. avatar Josiah | :

    power point does not support motion backgrounds – but you can puchase a plugin called powerplugs

  90. avatar Theresa | :

    Can I use with Power Point?

  91. avatar Vicky Brown | :

    I love using your backgrounds. Would it be possible to make one of a potter. We sing a song about us being clay and God is the potter who moulds us. It would be great to have a background to match. Thanks

  92. avatar Aprille | :

    What a way to make use of your creative talents for ministry. Just beautiful work that uplifts a service. My church has no budget but you’ve made it inexpensive enough that I can gift a subscription to them. Thank you and blessings on your work and ministry.

    Warm regards,

  93. avatar solagracia | :

    Hi, i wanna know how to use this motionworship for church presentation
    thanks alot

  94. avatar Shelley | :


    I’m enjoying my membership… but know what i’d LOVE? A background w/a dove that flies (if that makes sense).


  95. avatar Josiah | :

    hey everybody! i’m handling tech issues through email – so feel free to email me :)

  96. avatar Josiah | :

    Yes, David, you can download as many and as often as you want.

  97. avatar David Spain | :

    Hi Josiah, greetings from Ireland. Just a quick question for you. Is there unlimited downloads from Motionworship? For example if I download something and need to come back a little later to get the same thing is that ok or it it a one time download? Thanks for your time. Regards, David Spain

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