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Please email us with any video requests, website / technical problems, or issues with your account. We are unable to provide support for presentation software, but at times we can provide help and point you to a solution. Please feel free to comment on video backgrounds, mini-movies, worship countdowns, or articles just below where they’re located on the site. Last but not least, you can comment here if you have a general message to leave. Thanks!

188 Replies to “Contact”

  1. Please create more communion focused images. Our church celebrates communion once a month (12x a year), so the minimal selection of communion slides you do have available gets stale quickly. Thank you for the great work you do.

  2. Told about this site by our integrator. LOVE THIS SITE before covid.. REALLY LOVE IT during… Able to add content and add so much to our services especially our livestream, from countdowns to lyric backgrounds, to mini-movies, it has enhanced us tremendously.. KEEP UP THE GREAT WORK!!

  3. We have been subscribed to your site for a couple of years now and I am always so excited when you come out with new stuff! The quality is top notch and always right on time for when we are looking to freshen things up! Thank you for pushing to get new content out during the pandemic while all of the churches were “nudged” to do more online. I pray God bless you and give you favor!

  4. I was looking for free motion backgrounds as requested by one of our pastors when I found your site. After looking at what was available and the quality, I had to sign up. I’ve only been using them for a couple of weeks, but I have receive so many positive comments. Everyone really likes them.

  5. Tremendous collection of videos! Your team is very creative with a top-quality product! (Our church accounts-payable department loves the affordability of your subscriptions too!) Keep up the great work and service!

  6. Stumbled on to your site. There is nothing here I don’t like. I think Its awesome you are letting people stream your work. Keep up the good work and I hope God blesses everything you do.

  7. Hi, thank you so much for blessing our church with this affordable media resources. I just want to know if we need a special license to use them in Live Streaming our service, such as countdowns. Thank you very much.

  8. I just wanted to mention that I really like the new look of the website. Thanks for all the content you continually publish. Keep up the good work!

  9. Forgot to mention that I love the new Welcome Home mini-movie. Also, thank you for the diversity in your work. The mini-movies are right on point. Looking forward to more welcome and worship videos.

  10. Hello and Happy New Year!!! First let me say how appreciative I am of your ministry. You folks are such a blessing and everything you put out is done so well! I do however have one question. Are there any plans for any new “welcome to church” videos? We use three videos right now on a rotation and was wondering if any more are in the works? If not that’s fine because what you have now is great! Thanks for all you do!

  11. I have another request. Some backgrounds of just children, children worshipping, etc. would be good. I have had to find what I need elsewhere, and I would like to find it here because your work is so good!

  12. Used our first collection from Motion Worship yesterday. Got comments such as “Wow! Where did you find that?”

  13. The new Christmas motions are fabulous! Will use them Sunday morning.

    I come here frequently because of the excellent quality and variety–not to mention an amazing price.

    Thank you for how you serve those of us serving the church.

    Merry Christmas to you and your family!

  14. I love your site! Your videos and motions are gorgeous and professional while your membership price remains affordable. I greatly appreciate your service. I run the visuals and music at my church and our church family greatly appreciates what you and your team do. If you could I would like some more communion motions.

    Keep up the great work. Your site as been an invaluable resource for me and the church I serve.

  15. I love the generic, scripture-based “Worship Intro” type videos — not specifically themed for holidays… just the ones that prepare your hearts for worship! Would love to see more of those made available! “Only One” “Our God Reigns” “Glory to God” “Only King Forever” — more like these! They are awesome. Keep up the good work!!

  16. Your latest motions on the resurrection are truly works of art! Keep up the great work! You bless my congregation every Sunday!

  17. Hey, I love your site and use this subscription all the time… The most valuable thing to me are the worship intros. I use them all and can use as many as you can put out. They are an awesome to start the service. Please do more of them! Thank you for all that you do. It’s a huge blessing.

  18. Truly, you and your team are making a difference. Your loops and content has taken our small service to the next level and in a way that youth are responding. It has also taken a burden off our small media team as well as excited them to produce their own content for the church.

    May God have many blessings for you and your team.

    Deacon Nathan
    Greater Harvest Holiness Church, Sasebo Japan.

  19. Thank you SO much for these videos. Im no expert in this, but i want to serve God with excelence and these videos sure helps in the communications ministry!!!!!!

    If I may request a video that says ANUNCIOS (which means announcements in Spanish), my church would really appreciate it :)

    Thanks…God Bless!

  20. Just used your new “Easter Artwork” collection during the first of two Easter Sunday services we have this morning. Thanks for helping proclaim the good news to our congregation and visitors. HE IS RISEN. HE IS RISEN INDEED!

  21. Thanks for adding the Fractal Flood Tithes motion loop. I like to see complete sets for welcome, announcements, tithes, thanks for coming, etc. It just makes for a better look.

    Thanks again!

  22. Hi Josiah –

    I just wanted to say thank-you for your excellent product. Last night we used some of the Christmas backgrounds in our Japanese church plant here in Tokyo at a special Christmas service. It was also our first time for communion – a really special night. Thanks for being part of that.

    Jon Winter

  23. God bless you and your work. This has been such a big step forward for our church and I love the different videos and stills that you have.

  24. Absolutely fantastic,
    up until I found this site I was still using stills or really basic loops off YouTube, and having really good slides makes such a difference to the service
    $50 seems like a steal for all the work and effort you’ve put into this,
    Keep up the good work!!

  25. Found your site recently and just subscribed. Love it! This is the first time our church has subscribed to something like this after years of hunting and pecking through $10-to-$20-a-piece videos on other sites; your site is a great value. Thank you for creating such a wonderful resource for churches. Blessings to you!

  26. We recently found your website and immediately subscribed. We have used other media resource sites in the past and have found that they don’t always have the kind of motion background videos that we are looking for. We came across your website while searching for a good background with an eagle in it. When we saw the background you have with the flying eagle, we were blown away at the quality and looked at your other backgrounds and knew that we had to subscribe!
    Just wanted to say – Keep up the good work! You have a gift and we just wanted to thank you for sharing it with others!

  27. Thanks so much for all these great videos…! Affordable and a huge blessing! Will keep spreading the word!

  28. Just a note to let you know how terrific your site is! I have been so impressed with what’s available and that the cost is so reasonable, that I have recommended that the church I attend use ‘Motion Worship’ as well.

    Your material and easy downloading have made my life so much easier, I just wanted to let you know. What a blessing!!!


  29. I felt the same way. I landed in a gold mine. We have media shout but I needed something to take us even farther. I signed up immediately.

    Pastor T.

  30. New subscriber. We love your videos etc. Switching from PC & Media Shout to Mac and Pro Presenter. Which format should we use when we download? Thanks so much! God Bless and have a great day!


  31. Our church recognizes birthdays in the congregation on the first Sunday of each month. Can you create some more birthday shots? GREAT WORK!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE this site!!!!!!

  32. Just a quick comment to say that I’ve been looking for something like this for a while and just loving all that’s here. Signed up straight away and know that this is going to bless our congretation no end. Oh yes, it helps me to get the rabble in order 5 minutes before the Service starts. A great ministry. :-)

  33. Before Christmas I wanted to take the time to thank you for providing the best worship video loops. Really I tried other services and yours is awesome. Thank you for serving our church and the Lord this way. You are very talented. Look forward every Sunday to see whats new.

  34. I was out for over a year, but now i’m back!! I see that you’ve been busy with the videos. Great Job!!! Keep it up.

  35. I am a pastor with a small congregation, but each Sunday is like a worship super bowl with the beauty and majesty of these high-end loops! To God be the glory! Thank you for you using the gifts that God has given you to serve His church!

    Pastor Matt

  36. Hi J beautiful work, we are a Spanish church, with bilingual services…we just join your web and I love it, thanks…can I please ask you to add something for the kids…please ;-) God bless you brother!

  37. I’m loving the ‘Harvest’ backgrounds! Awesome job, Josiah. God is using your talents to bless the nations, literally. Blessings on you and your family.

  38. Just wanted to give a shout out to Motion Worship… You’ve allowed me to “up” my game significantly… I hope to be able to support your service for some time to come. Truly a ministry in your efforts…

    THANKS! and God Bless!

  39. LOVE your site and get SO many compliments on the screens now at church!! Thank you so much for what you offer. Did have a request…..Back To School for the kiddies….got any ideas? More Youth Ministry scenes or Mission scenes would be great if you happen to run across any. Thank you again!!!!!

  40. I have taken a hiatise from leading worship…so when I was coming back I started looking on youtube for a refresher of some of the older hymns I used to sing. That is when I found your Awesome Power video. I can’t wait to get to church tomorrow and discuss getting a subsciption with my pastors and worship team. Thank you and God bless.

  41. Thank you so much for taking your time to do all those videos! I can’t even imagine how much time it takes. Their all very beautiful. My church loves them. And thank you for making them so affordable. :)

  42. Awesome website!! I have been looking for backgrounds and countdowns like this for so long, its great to see some quality videos!

  43. Thank you for your ministry! The use of your artistic talents at such a reasonable price is an enormous blessing to us! Thank you for your tutorials and tips as well–they are extremely helpful!

  44. May the Lord continue blessing your life and your family. I have no words to express how impressive and amazing is your work. It is outstanding. I know you will have your reward in heaven. Thanks for pushing the envelope. I hope we can continue seeing more of your work and may The Lord be glorified at all times.

  45. Your recent email about the improvement of your video format for Mac users (mp4) has proven to be a blessing indeed. The ability to see the previewed pic and title of each video in my LiveWorship software, as well as, the smoothness of downloading without error messages are both inclusive of my improved experience. Thank you so much, and may our Lord continue to give you the creative and administrative wisdom that helps us all to advance His kingdom with excellence! God Bless You and Your Family! Love, Realm of Agape Christian Church, Patchogue, NY.

  46. The new longplay motion backgrounds are great. They really work great with the longer songs. Please continue to produce more of these.

  47. Love your site, the work you do, and the price that makes it affordable. Where do you get your background music? It’s really great. Is it possible to download it from you or to make it available on your site for download?

  48. That is a GREAT work you’re doing! You’ve been doing this for a while. I know people become less inspirational with every year passing. I don’t know about you, where you are, but I (and I believe many will agree with me) don’t want that happen to you.

    With every video you make many churches worship becomes more enhanced. I’ve seen not many people have this talent and only few uses it for the glory of God and with selflessness.

    Keep doing what you do. God blesses you already and He will bless you even more. We’re all thankful for your humble work.

  49. Your website has been a life-saver for our ministry! Thank you so much.

    Lucas Cherry

  50. Josiah –

    First of all, I love, love the new Father’s Day graphic. It’s awesome.
    Thanks man. Love your work. You enhance our services so much. God has truly blessed you!



  51. Josiah,

    Thank you for these awesome loops, videos, and countdowns! God is blessing our services and God is using your backgrounds & videos as a tool to worship God! Thank you so much!

    To God be the glory,

    Pastor Matt

  52. Thanks for everything that you guys do to help us. Your prices are great and you offer honest work and brilliantly gorgeous animations.

    MotionWorship rocks!

  53. I admit I was skeptical about purchasing background material for our faith videos. Now that I have subscribed, I am very happy with the quality and content available. I have not been able to find anything, anywhere that works as well as your videos/stills. Nor do I have the time to make backgrounds I would want to use.

    You have made my job much easier and added a whole new dimension to my videos that I was not able to obtain before. Your service has far exceeded my expectations, at a very affordable price too. Thanks so much – I hope you will continue to keep this going for a long time! God bless you!

  54. A great service for the cost. There are many sites that are over charging for far less motion slides than what is on offer here. Thank you for the modest price tag and a cost effective way to re vamp our churches old boring slide library.
    god bless and thanks again.

  55. I want to say thank you for this wonderful service to the Kingdom. For growing ministries, your resources are a treasure. The sheer quality of the projects here are amazing. I have had great difficulty locating a motion video with the names of Jesus Christ flowing through. I’ve found names of God, but not His Son. I hope that a designer would be inspired to produce such a video one day soon. Again, thank you for this phenomenal service….

  56. What a blessing this site is. Your skills are awesome. I have used much more expensive sites before and this is the one I rely on and appreciate. Thank you for the care you put into your work.

    Keep it up look forward to the great material this next year.

  57. Josiah,

    I love love love the new tablet countdown! It is sooo my church. I played it last week and everyone took a little extra time out to comment on how perfect it was. Thank you so much and God Bless!!

  58. Hello there… Great site… Thanks for making this available. I have used it much since I joined last month. Was wondering if you were ever thinking of creating some backgrounds that would appropriate for funerals? I bet you could come up with some creative ideas…. Just a passing thought…. Blessings.

  59. I am so glad I subscribe to your site,I can really see God working in you and you are using your gift to glorify God,I did have a look at the site’s aswell but I felt God saying this is the site for me,May the lord bless you and your family :)

  60. Our church has been using powerpoint and it looks like we’re moving over to Media Shout. I found Motion Worship looking for motion backgrounds to use with the new software. Love everything I’m seeing.

    I’m working on announcments and I like the fact you have Men and Women’s ministry backgrounds and then one for text with the “logo” in the corner. I’m flashing the full one up first to let people know the types of announments coming up. One thing I noticed missing is “Senior Saints” ministry. Also, maybe a background tuned to Nursry (we have a slide letting parents know we have one).

    Great stuff though. Can’t wait to see what’s published next!

  61. Ok, so I love, love, love the new mini movies, the epic text worship intro is awesome. I really wish I knew how to make videos that way, maybe in time. I can’t wait to play it in church for our main worship set, hopefully it will get them excited to worship. Thanks so much for all you do.

  62. I just wanted to say thank you for the fantastic work you have done. It’s not very often that anyone compliments the guy running the computer at church, but I have received several compliments about your motion backgrounds at church. Excellent work and I will certainly be renewing in June. Your work has really been a blessing to my church.

  63. I was wondering could you make some more youth welcome videos. The grunge song ones are great, but its nice to have a matching welcome.


  64. I just wanted to drop a note and tell you that I found Motion Worship about a year ago and joined. I immediately found many backgrounds that were very usable and have been extremely impressed in the last couple of months with the new stuff that has been put up.

    So many of the other places that I have been have thousands of backgrounds but sorting through them to find the few gold nuggets is nearly impossible. I have “purchased” and “free” backgrounds for 20 different sources and have been voraciously collecting them for a year.

    Motion Worship has the highest percentage of usable backgrounds of any site by far. Most of my favorites have come from Motion Worship.

    I wish to give a special shout out to one background in particular, the “Particle Storm Countdown”… I feel that it is the finest background available from any source at any price and have a very difficult time using any other background after using that one. Awesome.

    My renewal is this week and I am going to renew. I also encourage everybody that I come in contact with using video backgrounds to subscribe.

    Keep up the good work, God Bless you and your family, I wish you great continued success!

    Kirk Dickinson
    East Richland Evangelical Friends Church
    Celebrate Recovery Leader

  65. Josiah and business family,
    I am a worship pastor in Cincinnati, OH, and I cannot tell you how awesome of a blessing this website is for me and the church. I just subscribed yesterday and am so thrilled to have this resource. I was getting so tired of searching and searching for quality slides and countdowns. It’s great to see that you are continually adding new stuff to the website as well. That will be very helpful as the year goes a long. This website will help our technical & creative elements take things a big step forward!
    I will be telling my other worship folk about this resource.


  66. Josiah, this site is awesome and thank you for all the work you’re putting into it. I’ve donated my subscription to my church since you allow me to be as creative as I possibly can (Thank YOU!) as the “Media Girl”. Keep up the great work!

  67. Hi there, we at Aldersgate UMC in Nixa, Mo love your work. Have you seen the graphic for “The Story” it is a crown of thorns on bottom in shadow and a crown on top. I’d love to see something like that to use for king of kings.

    1. I’m currently working with a 3D artist who is creating a photo-realistic manger scene with a golden crown, and also a crown of thorns. Should be pretty cool!

  68. Hey! Thank you so much for your site – you have some amazing backgrounds. A request that I have for Christmas is something with the angels. Something like visiting Mary or singing to the shepherds. That would be great!

  69. Love what you are doing man! Your work is used every Sunday in our services. Good quality stuff. My only request for you is, I really like the “sets” you have done like with the Galaxy Spin, Particle Waves and Grids. I like to use those as our themes for the day, i.e. countdown, songs and scripture backgrounds. Can you please do more of the “sets” complete with countdowns.
    Thank you for your service.

    All for His glory!

  70. I have a request for you. Could you make some abstract stained glass loops? Thanx for all that you do and keep up the awesome work!


  71. Hi Josiah,

    Great job on the site, its been very helpful to our church. Thank you for the membership rate, it is unheard of! I was wondering if you could provide a youth motion background. I’d like to ‘advertise’ youth on wed. nights when we do pre-service slides, but i can’t really find an age appropriate cool one. :) Thanks so much!


  72. WOW – you have been one productive guy as of late – SOOOOO many new clips and I’m liking ’em!

    Look – not complaining but you really could charge more. Sure – I could send you a love offering or something, I know – but this quality and this quantity at THIS price point? Are you sure I didn’t get in with a glitch in the system? This is a RIDICULOUS bargain!

    1. Haha – thanks Brian – I’m glad you’re being blessed. The best way to say thanks is to spread the word and link to the site from your own website (email me for details on how to do this effectively).

      1. You’re on our website as a link (added your logo PNG) and recommended as a link on FB – chose the Worship mag award logo as the thumbnail – SWEET!

  73. I had a problem logging in thanks to not knowing whose name our church account was under, and I got a response within an hour on a Sunday afternoon. Awesome customer support!

  74. Just a request for more general countdowns with music – both contemporary sounding and traditional (organ and piano, perhaps??) We use 5-minute countdowns most. Thanks! I’m enjoying my brand new subscription!

  75. Thank you for your site. It has been a great blessing to use during church.

    I love that you are starting to do themed slides to use throught the whole service.

    I would also like to see more count down type videos with changing messages and themes / mini movies that are 5 min in length. You could make one with a count down and one with a mini movie.

    I also like that you have started to create multiple colors of the same theme this allows me to keep a similar theme and change colors during the service.

    As far as service slides we have a prayer time slide with people we are praying for. Others might like that as well.

    I don’t know if you are also thinking about doing sermon notes themed slides.

    Anyway wanted to give you some ideas thanks for the great resource I use it every sunday.

  76. God Bless You, I am a youth president for my church and a visual director for our sections youth rallies. I’d like to say thank you for all your hard work and for this subscription that eases the access to many high quality designs. I can’t wait to see more even though i haven’t used everything in the site but for as much as i’ve used it I can only have good compliments and prayers for abundance. Thank You again, you provide top quality service at a more than reasonable price. God Bless you and I will keep praying that you prosper as your heart prospers in the Lord. Amen

  77. hola! Soy de Argentina!!! Queria felicitarlos por el material tan hermoso que tienen en la web. Solo queria consultar si hay alguna forma de tenerlos en español, ya que no encuentro en mi idioma algo tan excelente como lo que ustedes tienen!
    Seria de gran bendicion para el pueblo latino tenerlo!

    Muchas gracias y bendiciones para todo el equipo!


      1. Hi Josiah, I would also be interested in some Spanish Motions. I am a associate pastor in a spanish church. We use EasyWorship. If you need any help in the translation, I can help you. Keep up the great work.

      2. I am also interested in Spanish Motions and would gladly help in translating if needed. Thanks for the high quality motion backgrounds you provide already. God Bless.

  78. I am very grateful for all you do….I have no doubt that God led us to your site! We are very pleased with all the graphics/videos u provide…and love the new website. I have a request: I need some more Service Slides and Countdowns. I like to rotate the Welcome/Thanx 4 Coming/Countdown slides…and am starting to repeat the ones I have already a lot. I would love to see some abstract and/or nature slides with countdowns/greetings on them!!! Thanx again!

  79. Greetings in Christ!!!
    Awesome site and motions. We have a spanish congregation, i was wondering if you guys could post a motion with “Bienvenidos” or a spanish line.
    God bless your organization!


  80. Love the site! I was wondering if you could make more black/dark graphic design backgrounds that are good for putting words over! We Love VIBRANT LINES video and if you could make more that have the similar appeal that would be awesome!


  81. Hey, Josiah!
    Love the new look! It’s looking sweet. I also love that I’m able to browse by Recent Videos added. Keep up the good work!

  82. Wondering if you where going to do more thanksgiving back grounds? Is it possible you could make a background that says children are dismissed? Thank you for all your hard work. God Bless.

  83. Josiah,
    Your site is WONDERFUL! What a blessing this must be for you because it is certainly a blessing for us!

    Just a couple of thoughts on future videos/stills:
    Lion and Lamb
    Revelation themes
    Christ at Ascension

    Also, an FYI, your videos work with 123ppt, which is an add on for PowerPoint (the cheapest way to go). We are a tiny church in Southern Utah and try to keep up with what is going on in the “vid” worship world. We pray for growth for you and your site and appreciate the beautiful results you give us!

    Blessings for your missionaries and mission families. Please know that we too are in a mission field. Please pray that we will be used to open their eyes to the true Light of the world.

    Thank you again!

  84. Hi,
    I would like to make a suggestion for some future loops if possible:
    -Fire from the sky
    -Cloud column
    -Breaking Chains
    -Military-War-Battle-Army (spiritual)
    -Puerto Rico Flag!
    Thanks so much! Your videos are a real blessing!! God bless!

  85. Hi Josiah,

    Thank you for these beautiful motions! I appreciate the opportunity to use them in our worship services. I’d like to suggest the use of more “church-y” images — stained glass, outsides of beautiful buildings, doors, etc. Things that could be included in the sacred category, since these sacred spaces definitely speak to those with an asthetic worship style. Thanks!

  86. Hi Josiah,
    I am so excited to see you doing this full time and can hardly wait each week to see what new things you may have added. Most often is is something that just fits with what we’re doing that Sunday, so your timing is always amazing! God knows. :-)

    Add to the growing list of excellent suggestions and requests I’ve seen posted here, the Italian flag and a clock added to “welcome flourish frame” to make it a countdown.

    Love your work and so appreciate what it adds to our worship each week. May you continue to be blessed in your service to Him! Many thanks!!

  87. Hey Josiah
    Many great additions since you went full time. Thanks for the great work. I have looked everywhere for the
    Christian flag, it would be a good addition to your flags.
    God Bless You

  88. Hello,

    praise the lord, that he gives us such beautiful images. I might likely use this photos for worship in our church for service. May i?

    Best regards


  89. Thank you so much for this video clips – God sees the desires in your heart to be a blessing to others and share more of your gift to reach out to others that need it like us. Our prayers is that God may bless you with more of His blessings to spread the GOOD NEWS while serving Him before He comes.
    Please just a suggestion if you could add more fast motions! THANK YOU SO MUCH AND MAY GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR MINISTRY FOR CHRIST! GLORY GLORY GLORY TO GOD!!!

  90. Your ministry is very important to our church. Thank You. I would like to suggest backgrounds with a wedding theme, and a desert theme.

  91. Just wanted to say “Thank You” for your hard work and dedication to helping the Church grow through the offering of motion backgrounds….Your work does not go unnoticed….From a grateful servant of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ…

    Free in Christ
    Randall S. Veatch

  92. Hi, Thank you for the backgrounds. They are great. Have received a lot of good compliments about them. Keep up the good work!

    God Bless!

  93. Thank you for your motion backgrounds. I am glad you are going full time with this. Are you planning to have a background for Memorial Day weekend? Keep up the great work!

  94. One more thing…I am not able to use the communion slides because they all have leavened bread…do you have one that has unleavened bread in it?

    Thanks! Nina

  95. Like your backgrounds.
    Would like a “Lord’s Supper”
    background like your “Communion”
    Thanks for the great videos at a
    very reasonable price. My church
    has made many comments.

  96. Hi Josiah! I was wondering if there was a way for you to load more backgrounds that are red? There are lots of green, blues, and orange..but would like to see a couple more that are red.

    And just so that you know, we started using your site exclusively in January and we have gotten lots of compliments from our congregation on the quality! Bless you for providing this :)


  97. Hello
    We currently have Mediashout software and were looking into more worship backgrounds. Came past your website and loved what you had available. How does the process work on getting the backgounds on our computer? We are not very computer literate at my church yet and have to have a little help. Thanks a bunch.

    1. Hi Angela! It’s a fairly simple download process from the website. Once you login, download buttons appear on each page under the video preview, and you download whichever ones you like. Downloads are unlimited!

  98. justWanred to say thank you for your minestry. I loved the longplay with music for easter. any thoughts about doing something like that for memorial day and or memorial day videos?

  99. I’m loving the backgrounds!!!! Would love some more abstract backgrounds. God Bless and congrats on going fulltime!!!!

  100. Can you do some graduation backgrounds. We always do a special service for the graduating seniors and some motion and stills would be great. Much appreciated!

  101. Your site is such a blessing to us and our ministry. All service slides and welcome and backgrounds are used every Sunday in our worship! Thank you for what you do and offering it at such a great price. It also works seamlessly with pro presenter!!! Keep the new stuff coming!

    God’s richest blessings to you and your ministry!

  102. Thank you so much. I have done searches for media to use with Media Shout, but you never came up before. I am so glad you did this time!! I am very excited to use your excellent HD motion backgrounds, countdowns & stills.

    God Bless You
    Ministry Assistant
    FBC Corinth

  103. Josiah

    Thanks for your Ministry
    Great Motion Backgrounds
    We use Motion Worship Backgrounds
    almost every Sunday
    We are passing the word out to other folks about
    Motion Worship

    George Percifield
    Worship Media Coordinator

  104. Hey Josiah,
    I just wanted to say thanks again for this great site, and for the wonderful, quality work you do. I am in the position to sometimes mentor folks from other churches, many with all-volunteer tech teams and smaller budgets. I wish you could see their faces when I show them your site and they see what quality backgrounds they can get for such an affordable price. It’s priceless! :)
    God BLESS you!

  105. Your background website is AWESOME! Our church is just entering the 20th (lol) century and we’re starting to use backgrounds for songs, I am so frustrated with trying to find them and finding that what you pay for isn’t as great as is sounded. I’m hoping this is the last site I will have to use! Thanks!

  106. Just wanted to tell you how amazing I find your site. This is a great service you are doing here and done with great skill and taste. Thank so much for what you do and have done.

  107. I was thinking of asking if you could come up with some sort of fireplace scene for our upcoming Christmas concert. Today I logged on and found ChristmasFireplace. What an awesome surprise!

    Love your work. Keep it up!

  108. I just wanted to say thank you for serving God in this way. I love your backgrounds and we have enjoyed using them. You are a blessing!!

    Melbourne, FL

  109. I am just getting started with using images behind our song text. We have Sunday Plus, but until I can figure out how to use it, I am using PP. It would be great if many of your motion videos had stills. They are beautiful pictures and scenery but use up quite a bit of memory on the PP when I am not using the motions, I just leave it once I insert it. Just a thought.

  110. Thank you so much for this ministry! Your video loops and stills have greatly enhanced worship at both my church and my workplace (I teach at a Christian school)! May God richly bless you!

  111. I love the new Welcome background which I use in conjuntion with the Foggy Dust background – I would like to have the Welcome screen just as it is without the Enter To Worship, I use the enter to worship for our worship services but I would like to have that space blank so I can fade to a title screen with the Sermon Title which I can set in Easy Worship – Thanks of all the backgrounds we use the ones you provide through Motion Worship are my favorite!

    1. Thanks so much Tammy – I appreciate the kind words and I’d be glad to set that up for you. I’ll email you about it.

  112. Loving the new recent abstract backgrounds. The “Glory” one is a favorite among members of our production team. Keep up the good work – I always look forward to what you will come up with next.

  113. u have a great collection of worship backgrounds. I have just help a 19th century church embrace 21st century technology into church. I lead the worship team and would like to improve on the visual aspect of it. I use an old version of easyworship and a few motion backgrounds in avi format does not run in it.
    i want to know if yours will if i subscribe to it. is there a motion video free sample to test run on my version of easyworship as we don’t have the money to buy the latest upgrade.
    thank you
    jerry george

    1. I replied to Jerry via email a while back but just a heads up for everyone – there is a “free video” button on the home page of this website. The video files found there are identical to the subscription video files, so you can test them on your software to see if a subscription is right for you.

  114. Josiah,

    I just want to encourage you and say “Thanks” for your Love to our Savior Jesus Christ and for using your talent to Glorify God. Thanks also for your expression of Love to His church by making these clips available. May you continue to live humbly that He may be lifted up. We who have the joy and honor of using these clips appreciate you!

  115. Hi Josiah, Just wondering if you might have a “silence your cell phone” or a thought for one. I’m searching to find a quick motion type clip to use for this. Our static image is a bit stale. Thanks again for your ministry it’s wonderful!

    1. hi tony – absolutely yes, they will work. try the free background accessible from my homepage if you want

  116. Thank you for the new Easter video, and for the new motion backgrounds. Awesome job, please keep them coming. God Bless you in this ministry! Your backgrounds are very much appreciated and commented on by our congregation.

  117. Is the $50 annual membership fee set up as a one time payment or will it automatically renew unless interrupted? Thank you!

  118. Hey Josiah,
    I love your site. I love the new videos, they were a great addition to our Christmas services. A personal favorite is the “Joy to the World” background. It was a perfect visual climax to the finale of our service.
    Many blessings — you have blessed us.

  119. josiah, just wanted to say thanks so much for making these available. i lead worship at a small church and have been buying a loop here and there when we could, but at 10 bucks a pop from sermon spice i just couldn’t justify the expense, but all these great videos for 50 bucks! that’s just really cool. have a blessed day!

  120. Hi Josh! I love all your backgrounds and videos. They have added so much to our Sunday worship services. I’m sure you have plenty of your own ideas but one that could be use to announce a baptism would be awesome! Keep up the great work.

  121. Hey Josiah! Love your work, love your ideas about how art should be fresh and not “trendy” – and above all – it should reflect God’s glory.
    I lead worship at a new church in Virginia. We’ll be using your motion backgrounds for the first time this weekend. I know they will enhance the worship experience for us.

    Thank you for your ministry!

  122. Hi, we recently became members of this site and it is working very good for us. The only thing is that we us about 3/8 of the screen most of the time (lower part) because we webcast the service, it would be great if you can put more videos that have nice motion in that part.

  123. Hi there, just came across your website.
    Im running MS Powerpoint 2003 , along with Powerplugs on it for animated backgrounds like yours.
    I really enjoy yours better than the powerplug ones.
    My question is what are the system requirements to be able get fluid motion of the videos.
    And can you add lyrics to your backgrounds, for worship purposes?….
    If so, Im sold on it.
    God Bless,
    Music Director

  124. Josiah:

    My husband is the worship leader for the Saturday night service at our church. I was looking for something different that would honor God and ran across your website. We have been using your videos exclusively for about 6 months and have got compliments from several people, including the pastor. Due to the low cost of the membership my husband and I were able to purchase this for our church as a gift. May God bless you in your ministry and life.

  125. I use SundayPlus and want to know if the backgrounds loop. Also, is there a per download charge or just the $50.00 subscription.

  126. Thanks for a great site at a great price!!
    There are a lot of songs about storms, and it would be great to have a few dealing with that subject if you have the time. Thanks,

  127. I would like to be a member but, would like to find out whether you are sending us a CD; my wife will ministering through music and would like to enhance it with your backgrounds; I use PowerPoint hyperlinking to bring up the lyrics.



  128. Hi there, I love the backgrounds you’ve been producing. The growth in your skill and artistic approach are showing…very well done.

    Is there any chance in the future that you might provide a .mov version of your files? The mpegs don’t always convert seamlessly with QT Pro.

    Thanks for everything…I’m still blown away at how much you offer for such a small fee.

    Grace to you,

  129. Thanks for this website! It is awesome and it has been such a blessing to us.

    Can you do some more countdowns some time? We used the Mother’s Day one and it was great.

    Thanks for serving Him!
    Mary Miller

  130. I think it should work fine. I have other users who use pro presenter and it works. If in doubt, try the free background (on the home page).

  131. Quick question – we use Pro Presenter on our Macintosh – will the resolltion work on our projector and our Mac? and through Pro Presenter? We do own Quick Time. But I can also convert it to another format if I need to.


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