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Finding a Location for Your Church Plant

Starting a church plant is a big task - there’s a great deal of courage, prayer, support, and planning involved by you and others that’s required to make it all happen. All that said, when it comes to the final step of finding a location for your church plant, things can get a bit stressful. You have enough on your mind as a church planter - you don’t want to make the wrong call and find ...

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How to Effectively Lead Older Worship Team Members

It’s not always the case, but the job position “worship leader” seems to be appealing to a younger audience these days. It’s common that worship leader positions get filled by recent college graduates, which is great for a lot of reasons! Primarily, it’s bringing church leadership to the hands of younger generations, prepping them to lead ministries as the baton gets passed on. But wo...

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Emergency Volunteers: How to Handle Volunteer No-Shows

We all want to be able to rely on our teams. With staff members, you can usually assume they will be there when they’re supposed to. But when it comes to volunteers, things can get a bit problematic. Depending on the position they’re volunteering for, level of commitment, communication they’ve received, or just plain old forgetfulness, there may come a Sunday morning where you’re short vol...

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Letting Worship Team Members Go: How to Handle It

The people you have on your worship team contribute so much to your church. You know better than anyone that being on a worship team is not just a fun activity – it’s a spiritual leadership responsibility. The worship team members standing on stage carry a responsibility to demonstrate their love and commitment to God on and off stage. In addition to that, performing with musical excellence is...

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Church Volunteer Management: Volunteer Scheduling

Handing off church ministry responsibility to volunteers can be a huge benefit to your church. Introducing volunteers in more circles within the church often means the responsibility over details is alleviated from leadership, allowing them to focus on managing and directing the overall goals and mission of the church. However, while having volunteers is a great idea, actually making it happen ...

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4 Tips for Growing Your Worship Ministry

Ministry needs people. That’s a plain and simple matter of fact. And unfortunately, we’ve heard all too-often that worship pastors will turn down an idea because they simply don’t have enough people to pull it off. If your worship ministry doesn’t have many people involved, you will frequently find it to be a bottleneck for creative pursuit and growth. Growing Your Worship Ministry: 4 H...

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Picking Songs for Church: Staying Current With New Music

Picking songs for church can be a tricky task. There’s a ton of factors that play into finding the right set of songs, from the average age of attenders to worship culture, past songs, type of sound system and building, and so many more. The task gets especially difficult when it comes to new songs. They may be playing on the radio, but that doesn’t mean you can assume everyone knows them (or ...

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Where to Focus My Time as a Part-Time Worship Pastor

If you’re working a part-time worship pastor role at your church, you almost certainly feel like you never have enough time to get everything done. Or, at the very least, you feel as though your time is aimed at getting tasks done, while no time is available for planning the creative direction of the ministry. If you are ever wondering how to more effectively manage your schedule as a worship pa...

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Scheduling Volunteers for Their Strengths

Having a strong volunteer team can dramatically improve the experience for visitors at your church. A well-operated volunteer team means everyone is present, educated, and ready to go for their respective areas. But volunteers are needed for a diverse set of roles within the church – some dealing with kids, music, relations, guests, leadership, and so many more. For example, just because someone...

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Dealing with Untalented Worship Ministry Volunteers

Worship ministry is truly a team effort. The quality of music, the attitude of the volunteers, and the culture of worship in your church are all dependent on the collective behaviors and standards of your team. And usually, those team members are all relatively similar in ability, commitment, and reliability. But what do you do about the few situations where you are dealing with a very… very unt...

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