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This high-energy introduction to worship is based on verses from Psalm 77 and Nahum 1. Complete with crashing ocean storms, lightning, a tornado, and volcanoes exploding with rocks and lava, it displays the awesome and dangerous power of God’s creation, then finishes with a call to worship. “If God is for us, who can stand against us? We stand in His presence. He is here – now – let us worship!”

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10 Comments on “Awesome Power Worship Intro

  1. avatar Demario | :

    This is so in your face type of intro! So intense! Love it

  2. avatar Robert Howard | :

    The video is so good and the message is so clear.
    I hope there is another video like this one; with awesome message and visual effect to emphasise it.

  3. avatar Danny Klos | :

    Totally looking forward to using this video this weekend! I am looking forward to more videos like this!

  4. avatar Jonathan | :

    Looking forward to using this one this weekend. Awesome!

    • avatar Cayla | :

      So am I

  5. avatar Pastor Romell Weekly | :

    Josiah, this intro is absolutely awesome!!! Thanks.

  6. avatar jeniel | :

    thankyou verymuch for this vidio. I will use if in my church. God bless you.

  7. avatar David Warren | :

    Thanks so much for a great video. It had to take a lot of time. Just wanted you to know it was worth it, at least from this end of the ’Net.

  8. avatar Tom Siress | :

    We used this high powered opener for church last Sunday, and followed with song,
    He’s Got the Whole World in His Hands…awesome intro into the power of God! Thanks motionworship!

  9. avatar David Rough | :

    I was recently in a high school chapel service at a Christian school in Ohio and they began their time together with the Awesome Power Worship Intro. What a praiseworthy focal point to begin our time of corporate praise to the Sovereign God. Thank you for your production of this “mini-movie.” It really ministered to my spirit, taking me to the throne of the Awesome One.

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