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This high-energy worship intro video displays the power of Christ shattering the darkness with his awesome light! Bold blocks of text concerning sin, death, and oppression are shattered by shining golden phrases about God’s strength and the work of the cross, ending with a call to respond in praise. Great for any time of year – could be used at Easter.

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5 Comments on “Shattered Darkness Worship Intro

  1. avatar ronaldy | :

    everyone must see this video,shout hosana for our GOD,Glory to Glory for HIS NAME,JESUS The BIGEST NAME of name,will be praise and worship has just for our MIGHTY GOD,GOD bless alll .

  2. avatar Minister Williams | :

    Absolutely Phenomenal!

  3. avatar Joel | :

    WOW! this is the best mini-moves I downloaded so far. Hope to see lots of mini-movies like this one soon…Keep up the good works! God Bless…

  4. avatar Lucas Cherry | :

    I absolutely love this!

  5. avatar Jennie | :

    All I can say is WOW! …from down on my knees..thank you for this!

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