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This mini-movie can be used as an introduction to worship, getting people in the mindset of dwelling on their blessings and recognizing the source of everything they value. Whether it’s the beauty of nature, our relationships, or our loved ones, God has created everything worthwhile, and every blessing in our lives.

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11 Replies to “Every Blessing Worship Intro”

  1. I love your worship introduction videos. I use them at the end of our 5 minute announcement countdown to prepare our hearts to worship our God.
    I have reused them over and over. Are there any plans to create some new 1:00 -1:45 worship intros to keep it fresh?

    Thanks for your ministry. May your business prosper

    1. Hey Mike! Thanks for the kind words! I can’t give a specific timeline for when the next worship intro will come along, but we’ll certainly continue to keep all of our content types fresh and up to date! Have you checked out our most recent intro, which is a free video for those who are members of our Facebook Group “Church Media & Tech”? You can find that here:

    1. Hi Josh,

      I am amazed how you picked the music for the mini-movies; how they synchronized with the text you are putting in for impact.

      I am just curious, are you composing all the music you are using, as I am thinking of copyrights?
      Blessings to your ministry.

      Ptr Mandy Manlutac
      Hosanna Christian Church, Sydney, Australia

      1. Thanks so much! We license most of our music royalty-free from a variety of sources. Glad you’ve enjoyed it!

  2. Beautiful….such a blessing to be able to use these inspiring worship videos at our church! Thank you!

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