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This epic worship introduction mini-movie is essentially a song of praise for our awesome God. It features a massive variety of stylish abstract artwork, bold titles declaring God’s attributes and love, all timed to a modern dubstep soundtrack. A powerful way to create energy for any service, sermon or event!

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6 Comments on “Only One Worship Intro

  1. avatar Lester Clancy | :

    Fantastic work. The words with the track had me tearing up. Powerful!

  2. avatar Jeff | :

    I love this video! Very stylish. Does anyone know the name and artist of the audio track?

  3. avatar Andrew | :

    Honestly I’d watch this just for the beats, this video is really good :) nice work!

    (mo’ dub, mo’ betta!)

  4. avatar ceazer | :

    i really enjoy using it at church

  5. avatar dee | :

    ONLY ONE WORSHIP INTRO is awesome.

  6. avatar Brian | :

    Wow! Wow! Wow! What an awesome tribute to our God!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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