Available in HD & SD

This fun 5-minute worship countdown simulates connecting to a “service” via a wi-fi tablet PC. A progress bar with timer indicates the remaining time to download, while particles and glowing lines animate to an energetic soundtrack.

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3 Comments on “Tablet Techno Countdown

  1. avatar Danny | :

    This is such a great countdown! Im going to suggest to our Media director to use your graphics and countdowns. This is my personal favorite!

  2. avatar Zach Priddy | :

    I like what you changed on it very cool. Thanks again for doing this for us!

  3. avatar Kevin @ Anchor Church | :

    Your work as saved our church a lot of money as well as provided great media for our services and events…I also use your work when our praise band does concerts…the motion clips and long plays are great…Keep it up pal…its working…

    In Christ Alone,

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