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Created in the same style as the “Epic Text Worship Intro,” this Christmas mini-movie is perfect as a welcome or as an introduction to worship any time during the holiday season. It speaks of Christ’s sacrifice in coming to Earth, His desire to be with us, and His amazing work, concluding with a call to respond in worship to His incredible love shown at Christmas.

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6 Comments on “Epic Christmas Worship Intro

  1. avatar Susan | :

    Awesome! Moving…

    Thank you so much for your work in the Father’s Name!

  2. avatar Lee | :

    So great to know that God came to earth to save the world unto himself. Thanks!!!

  3. avatar Angie Knechtel | :

    It’s absolutely perfect for the Linfield Christian HS Christmas chapel! Thank you so much!

  4. avatar Victor Hasiholan S | :

    wooowww wonderfull motionn….thanks for ur good job.God bless

  5. avatar Luciana Leniar | :

    Beautiful video! Thank you for your good work!

  6. avatar Debbie | :

    Such a gift! A wonderful reminder of our Father’s love! Thank you!

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