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This epic New Year’s countdown comes complete with a fully animated Times Square ball, counter screen with cogs and flashes of lightning, fireworks, flares….it was quite a production. Happy New Year!

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4 Comments on “New Years Countdown 2

  1. avatar Stephanie | :

    I have never commented but I must say that I and my congregation really enjoyed this countdown. Especially living in the midwest it was nice to seeing the “New York” ball drop. Blessings to the developers and all involved in this media ministry!

  2. avatar Pastor Gill | :

    Wow – Amazing Countdown. Thanks for all your work in making it; so appreciated. God bless you richly for how you have so richly blessed us!

  3. avatar Justin Renaud | :

    This is an awesome countdown…I can only imagine how much work went into it. Thanks!

    • avatar Josiah | :

      Plenty, Justin….plenty ;) – thank you!

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