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This mini-movie can be used as an introduction to worship, getting people in the mindset of dwelling on their blessings and recognizing the source of everything they value. Whether it’s the beauty of nature, our relationships, or our loved ones, God has created everything worthwhile, and every blessing in our lives.

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7 Comments on “Every Blessing Worship Intro

  1. avatar Stephanie Ramos0 | :


  2. avatar Heather | :

    Beautiful….such a blessing to be able to use these inspiring worship videos at our church! Thank you!

  3. avatar Matt Archibald | :

    Where does the music from this video come from?

    • avatar Josiah | :

      Matt – found it on Pond5.com

      • avatar Matt Archibald | :

        Thanks Josiah.

  4. avatar Debbie | :

    WOW!!!! To God be the Glory – thank you Josiah for using your gifts for His Glory

    • avatar Jeremy Floyd | :

      Awesome…we will def be using this!

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