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This powerful worship introduction mini-movie is based on scripture passages from Isaiah 42. It speaks of God, the creator of the heavens, calling us to reach out to our world and follow him in victory. Beautiful scenes matching each verse combine with modern graphics and upbeat soundtrack to create a huge amount of energy for worship. Features mountains, oceans, cities, storms & more! Some footage courtesy of Jonathan Mitchell.

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3 Comments on “Glory To The Lord Worship Intro

  1. avatar Michael oruaro James | :

    This is wonderful,

  2. avatar Cayley Poggensee | :

    Completely fantastic! Love the text formatting, and especially the footage. Don’t be afraid to build the music into an even bigger crescendo, though. I do love it!

  3. avatar Tina Ball | :

    I am the Media Leader for my church and was looking for innovative and amazing things to do for our praise and worship your site has done that with the creation you have made. Thank you so much for producing the backgrounds, videos and all the other things you have on your site.
    A very happy customer.

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