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This poignant Christmas mini-movie places the star of Bethlehem in modern day settings and speaks of how Christ followers show his light. In the prayer of the saints, the hearts of the meek, the mission of the faithful, the humility of a servant… His star still shines.

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4 Comments on “His Star Still Shines

  1. avatar Minister Joyce Williams | :

    I am overwhelmed at the awesomeness of your love for God and the His Kingdom that shines brightly through your creativity.

  2. avatar j | :

    just want to say you guys are really wonderful..
    more and more blessings upon you guys.

  3. avatar Dustin Bauerle | :

    Wow. You have some incredible work on this site, but this one is my absolute favorite. From the message and music to the overall vibe…just love it!

  4. avatar Mike Felcyn | :

    Very nice, your creativity is only outshined by the quality of your productions. Thanks for such a high quality and affordable help for our church.

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