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This worship & sermon illustration video is a prayer to commemorate a tragic event in US history: September 11th. It is intended for congregations to agree and pray along, lifting up the families of those affected, praying for unity and strength for the United States, and for Christ’s return to put an end to all tears.

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7 Comments on “September 11th: A Prayer

  1. avatar Jonathan Peterson | :

    Another Great Mini. Love these! They add so much to our service. Keep them coming and thank you.

  2. avatar pastoraaj | :

    …simply awesome, we’ll be using this tomorrow on 9-11-11 before our morning worship prayer. Blessings!

  3. avatar Elaine Thompson | :

    Powerful video. We will use this weekend! Thank you!!!

  4. avatar David Bullock | :

    Really nice! Thanks!

  5. avatar Royal Family Ministries | :

    Awesome!! Using this next week in our service.

  6. avatar bdotson | :

    Once again, great work…

  7. avatar Keith Sherrell | :

    This video is simply wonderful. You are such a blessing to worship leaders. Thank you for all you do.

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