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This poetic Thanksgiving short film depicts thankfulness despite difficult circumstances. Though the struggles we face may be painful, we always have a choice to trust God and be thankful in the midst of the storm. This mini-movie is perfect for the Thanksgiving season or any time of year.

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2 Replies to “I Choose Thankful”

  1. we have never used ANYTHING created outside of our church beyond countdown clocks and social media templates. THIS was awesome! loving the spoken word and the quality of production. please do more.

  2. I love this video. Wonderful message and a delightful departure from so many of the other cookie-cutter, text-only “thankfulness” videos from other artists.

    So timely. This message is exactly what people need right now… especially the part about choosing to be thankfully not because I am strong, or because life is perfect, but because “in all circumstances, Jesus LIVES!”

    A thousand times “Yes!” to that statement. Thank you for all the thought and effort put into this. Fantastic.

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