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Using text from 1 Thessalonians 5 (rejoice always, pray continually, & give thanks in all circumstances), this poignant Thanksgiving sermon illustration video “Thank You Notes” focuses on being thankful for the small and the simple. In this Thanksgiving mini-movie, we see a young woman rise from her bed, travel to work, run errands, and return home on an ordinary day. She leaves thank you notes to God in each location. In the end, she describes in her journal how all of these things, though typically unremarkable, are profound blessings.

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7 Replies to “Thank You Notes”

  1. Please accept this “Thank You Note” for producing this video. What a great reminder to that God even in the mundane and ordinary!

  2. The Thank You Notes video was played at our church service today. After it was done, people clapped. I think there was something about it that touched everyone. The woman’s life is not outstanding in the sense that she does not live in big house, she does not appear to have a fascinating job, she does not have a washing machine at home. Yet, she is thankful for the things she does have: a place to live, a job that provides for her needs, a place to wash clothing, etc. It really makes a person think about how fortunate they are with the simple things they have in their life. I like that she keeps a notebook of things she is thankful for. Perhaps we should all do that. Perhaps we would all be happier if we did. Truly a wonderful video. Thank you so much.

  3. LOVE when videos are based on scripture! Really well done. This gives congregation time to reflect on this subject.

  4. Very cool. Great reminder not just to be grateful to God, but how we are called to walk through every part of life.

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