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This powerful sermon mini-movie works beautifully for the Thanksgiving season. Spoken word poetry, illustrated by diverse imagery, calls the listener to give thanks for all things great and small. For the good days, for the small comforts of life and the blessings we receive. And for the hard days, when life is overwhelming, when Christ becomes our strength, our comfort, and our salvation.

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5 Comments on “Spoken Word Of Thanks

  1. avatar Racquel | :

    We played “Spoken Word of Thanks” at our service today, which is the last Sunday before Thanksgiving. It was very moving and perfect to follow the sermon of that day, which was also about thanks. Two people came up to me afterward and said that they really liked it. Thank you so much for this wonderful mini-movie.

  2. avatar Kim | :

    Thank for the wonderful content! I love this video!

  3. avatar Mark Tingley | :

    Well done. Great message and great production.

  4. avatar Tapestry Worship Band | :

    Thoughtful. Heart-Warming. God-Honoring. This is why we use Motion Worship!

  5. avatar Dawn | :

    Wonderful!!! I look forward to using this for our Thanksgiving service!

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