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This powerful short film presents the Gospel through timelapse painting, from creation to the resurrection & all of eternity. A simple but poetic voiceover combines with modern music to tell the story of God creating the universe, the fall of mankind, Christ coming to earth, the crucifixion, Easter, and the glorious promise of heaven. Special thanks to Jason Jaspersen, the genius behind the art.

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7 Comments on “The Good News Of Christ

  1. avatar gideon kumoji | :

    this was a powerful message in artistic work. the message was very clear even without the audio playback. anybody at all can understand the communication through the artwork. GOD BLESS YOU….am grateful to GOD to discover this WONDERFUL SITE……KEEP THE FIRE BURNING…

  2. avatar Zach Crowell | :

    Really like the artistic, organic, personal aspect of this video using the paint artist. Really great, we will use this during Easter this year!

  3. avatar Ibiaso Adajames | :

    God Bless your Effort and Service through these media, You have been a great solution to our Media unit

  4. avatar Jacquee | :

    No matter what denomination, these videos fit…after all we are all telling the same stories about the same God and Jesus. I so enjoy building these into our worship.

  5. avatar Vincent | :

    Thank you,

    All your products, has been a blessing to our Church Multimedia services…
    God Bless you more & more …

  6. avatar kathy nichols | :

    This is your best video yet! Wonderful content, music…and narrating voice!! Everything is tastefully done. Can’t wait to use this!

  7. avatar Tim | :

    I am the worship leader at church and work with a team that puts together the visual presentations used for service. WOW! This is now one of our favorites! No one could not let their eyes move from the screen because of the creativeness! Please make more Bible stories in this format. Very well done! Thank you!

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