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This Easter worship introduction mini-movie speaks of rocks, hills, and fields crying out on Easter morning, “Jesus is Alive! He has risen just as he said!” These powerful phrases are matched with beautiful aerial footage, an energetic soundtrack, and a presentation of the gospel message, encouraging the viewer to lay down their burdens and receive the gift of salvation. Closes on a view of the empty tomb at sunrise with the light of Christ pouring out.

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2 Replies to “Light Of Christ Easter Intro”

  1. I’m choosing to use this one in our service this Easter for these reasons:

    > It is celebratory from the beginning, ie: it didn’t start out with the cross. (I needed something to use in the middle of the service rather than at the very beginning of the service.)
    >It is focused more on Christ than on us! So many videos I watched, there were way more “us, we, our” pronouns used than “He, him, his” ! Church is about Jesus and worshiping Him, not about making us feel good.

    So, thank you for this video. Please, please, please keep the focus on Jesus.

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