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Perfect for Easter, Good Friday, and Communion – this worship video powerfully depicts the crucifixion and resurrection of Jesus, and our response of worship. The song is by my band, Josiah Smith Band!

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15 Comments on “With Open Hands

  1. avatar Dave | :

    Brilliant Song :)
    Please, please create some more of these :)

  2. avatar Michelle | :

    Love this song and video. Would love to see more of these.

  3. avatar Rebecca | :

    More of these please! I love love love your song with this video! More songs on videos please!!

  4. avatar Key | :

    Great Video

  5. avatar Sue | :

    This is very beautiful. I do the backgrounds for worship at our church and this is a good video to play for people to just watch and listen. Thank you for all you do.

  6. avatar Dina | :

    Absolutely amazing and beautiful song and video. Loved it!!!
    Fantastic job!!!

  7. avatar Robert Mounce | :

    First a great song, I saw on YouTube that we could get the chord chart, is this still possible? would be able to play this song during our Easter service? Thanks for all you do.

  8. avatar Karen Wiechman | :

    Would love this as a countdown, too!

  9. avatar bleroy | :

    This is a great video! Love the song too. :)

  10. avatar Rowel | :

    This is wonderful, continue doing greatest artwork.

  11. avatar Pastor Gill | :

    This is absolutely amazing! The best I have seen to powerfully demonstrates what our Saviour did. I will certainly use it in Church. Great thanks.

  12. avatar Joyce | :

    I love this! It is just what I am looking for our contemporary worship service. It is powerful!

    • avatar Josiah | :

      thanks very much – this is pretty much my life’s greatest artwork.

      • avatar Ron G. | :

        Awesome job, Josiah!!!

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