Geodesic Motion Collection

Geodesic Worship Motion Backgrounds | July 10, 2015

This new collection of worship video backgrounds (plus countdowns and mini-movies) features colorful triangle patterns floating through a vast network of dust particles and vibrant flares. Matching the recent “Are You Ready” worship introduction videos, this collection will expand to feature a large variety of speeds and hues, creating a cohesive service experience.

Are You Ready Kids Worship Intro

New Kids Worship Intro | July 3, 2015

Great for kids ministry, this high energy worship introduction is perfect to gather children and get them ready to sing, shout, jump and move! Features colorful silhouettes of kids jumping and dancing to an upbeat techno soundtrack. We are also nearly finished with a grown-up version, with adult silhouettes and modified word choice. Last, we are creating an entire motion collection and countdowns to match these graphics!

Fathers Day Dad Jokes

Father’s Day Dad Jokes Mini-Movie | June 2, 2015

This new Father’s Day mini-movie is a tribute to fathers everywhere & their hilarious dad jokes (perhaps more cheesy than funny!) It reminds us that a father’s sense of fun, his joy, love, protection and wisdom all reflect God’s character. Let’s give them the respect and honor they deserve today, tomorrow and every day!

Digital Waves Summer Collection

Digital Waves Summer Collection | May 29, 2015

This new collection of worship video backgrounds features stylized animated waves in a variety of settings such as stormy seas, ocean sunsets, and moonlit nights. Each color also includes a subtle closeup of water ripples – welcome and thank you slides are complete with countdown coming soon!

Mothers Day Amazing Gift

New Mother’s Day Mini-Movie | April 28, 2015

Full of energy and colorful graphics, this Mother’s Day mini-movie describes a mother’s many roles, jobs, gifts and superpowers! Works great as a sermon intro or simply an encouragement to honor mothers today, tomorrow and every day!

Spring Shapes Collection

New Collection – Spring Shapes | April 20, 2015

This colorful spring collection of worship motion backgrounds features triangle particles over vibrant backdrops with brilliant sun flares. Includes a nice variety of bright colors appropriate for the season – additional speeds, loops & countdown on the way!

Easter Artwork Collection

Easter Artwork Collection | April 1, 2015

This collection of Easter motion backgrounds, using artwork from the recent Easter Day of Worship Mini-Movie, utilize beautiful hand-drawn artwork and drifting triangular particles to depict various scenes of the resurrection of Jesus. Includes a variety of interior and exterior empty tomb loops, modern worship silhouettes, Jesus before witnesses, as well as opening and closing slides for Easter services.

Good Friday Artwork Collection

New Collection – Good Friday Artwork | March 25, 2015

This somber collection, derived from the recent Easter mini-movie, features stark gray scenes, crosses, the tomb, and drifting colorless particles. Some worship video backgrounds in this series also work well for Ash Wednesday and Lent.

Easter - A Day of Worship

New Mini-Movie! Easter, A Day of Worship | March 17, 2015

This powerful new Easter mini-movie features stunning hand-drawn artwork and a passionate voiceover, excellent for creating energy and excitement for worship. Easter morning began as a day of sadness and weeping, when broken and confused followers mourned the death of Christ. But Jesus transformed it into a day of rejoicing, excitement, and worship by the power of his resurrection. He is Risen Indeed!

Palm Sunday Watercolors Collection

Palm Sunday Watercolors Collection | March 12, 2015

This new collection of Palm Sunday motion backgrounds features abstract palm branches in a variety of colors, with four speed options each! The overlapping fronds create unique textures, giving a painted look that is highlighted with drifting particles. These backdrops work great for text!

Something Beautiful Mini-Movie

New Mini-Movie! “Something Beautiful” | February 19, 2015

This sermon illustration mini-movie shows a man gathering broken and discarded wood from old barns in a bleak winter scene. As he describes his work, we realize that this is God speaking of humanity, and how our Lord accepts the rejected and the flawed and crafts them into his masterpiece, the redeemed Church, a New Creation (2 Corinthians 5:17). Great for the topic of restoration, healing, and forgiveness. Could also be useful for Celebrate Recovery groups.

Lent Desert Sands Collection

New Series for Lent – Desert Sands! | February 17, 2015

This collection of worship motion backgrounds was designed for Lent and Ash Wednesday, but is versatile enough to be used any time of year. It features abstract desert scenes in a variety of colors, with drifting dust, sand, and particles.

Awesome Galaxy Collection

New – Awesome Galaxy Collection | January 29, 2015

This series of worship motion backgrounds may be my favorite collection ever! It features a huge variety of swirling nebulae and supernovas in a galaxy of flickering stars with vibrant flares. It also includes a nice selection of speeds for different energy levels – countdown coming soon!

I Am With You Always

January Mini-Movie: I am With You Always | January 22, 2015

Diverse individuals are shown with matching text speaking of excitement, sin, brokenness, and confusion, followed by the message “I am with you.” This sermon illustration mini-movie with uplifting music culminates in a reminder that in our joy and happiness, even in our struggles and sin, in every moment for all eternity, God is with us, always.

Celebrate The Savior Christmas Mini-Movie

Another New Christmas Mini-Movie! | December 16, 2014

This powerful Christmas mini-movie reminds us that as we celebrate the baby Jesus, the manger, and the joy of this season, we should remember that Jesus did not remain a baby. He became our healer, our teacher, our sacrifice, and our salvation – a profound reason to celebrate the birth of a child! Alternate spelling (saviour) is available.

The Spirit Of Giving

The Spirit of Giving Christmas Mini-Movie | December 11, 2014

Our first full audio + acting production! This Christmas mini-movie shows a child anticipating the excitement of opening a gift beneath the tree. Day after day, he can’t help but ask his mother constantly if it’s time to open presents. This heart-warming short story has a bit of a twist at the end, with a call to “Celebrate the Spirit of Giving.”

Colorful Christmas Trees Collection

New Collection – Colorful Christmas! | December 4, 2014

This series of Christmas motion backgrounds features soaring stars, colorful particles, and a color changing central star with several motions also including a line of vibrantly colored trees. Different speeds have been created to suit various song tempos, with a countdown to be released soon!

Weathered Diamonds Collection

Weathered Diamonds Collection! | November 15, 2014

A new collection matching the recent Give Thanks Worship Intro has been published. These church motion backgrounds all feature stylized falling leaves, distressed textures, vector diamond designs, and autumn colors (red, orange, brown, and gold). Great for the fall season and Thanksgiving!

Give Thanks Worship Intro

Give Thanks Worship Intro Published | November 12, 2014

New for Thanksgiving 2014! This energetic worship introduction video features a mix of scripture from the Psalms as well as inspirational words about giving thanks to God for all his wonderful deeds. Features stylized falling leaves in a variety of fall colors, weathered textures, and dramatic camera movements timed to an upbeat soundtrack.

Aurora Flow Collection

New Collection – Aurora Flow! | November 3, 2014

This new series of church motion backgrounds features colorful waves of light rippling and flowing toward brilliant lens flare amongst glowing stars and particles! This unique and vibrant collection features a variety of colors and speeds, with countdown coming soon!

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