Summer Wildflowers Collection

Beautiful Summer Worship Motion Backgrounds

June 29, 2022 |

We filmed this serene set of church video backgrounds in the fields of Minnesota after the recent rainfall. We utilized shallow depth of field and golden hour sunsets to create imagery that can be used in either a traditional or modern setting.

Ask A Dad

Hilarious Father’s Day Mini-Movie

June 9, 2022 |

Our latest short film, “Ask a Dad,” depicts fathers answering a wide variety of difficult parenting questions with humorous results. This fun mini-movie is a great way to open your service or message on Father’s Day!

Color Flow Collection

Vivid Gradient Worship Motion Backgrounds

May 26, 2022 |

This new collection of worship video backgrounds is filled with colorful waves of flowing gradients which ripple and overlap. This series includes a nice variety of colors, styles and speeds to fit any services or event!

Memorial Day Letters

New Memorial Day Mini-Movie

May 19, 2022 |

With three different vintage voices, this poignant mini-movie features historical images and letters written to the families of soldiers who laid down their lives on the field of battle.

Stuff Moms Never Say Part 2

Hilarious New Mother’s Day Film

April 26, 2022 |

This comedic Mother’s Day mini-movie is a rapid-fire compilation of phrases that most moms would absolutely never say. It includes a lighthearted soundtrack and concludes with an encouraging message. Perfect for Mother’s Day services!

River Rocks Collection

New Nature Motion Backgrounds

April 22, 2022 |

Our latest collection of worship motion backgrounds, “River Rocks,” utilizes vibrant colors & beautiful shots of flowing water. This series includes a nice variety of colors and designs, many of which are perfect for spring & summer!

Color Blast Collection

Gorgeous Easter Motion Backgrounds

March 24, 2022 |

Our new Color Blast Collection features flowing clouds of vivid colors emanating from various 3D shapes. This unique collection is unlike any other, utilizing cutting-edge 3D simulation software to produce stunning scenes for Easter and Spring!

The Perfect Plan

Humorous New Easter Mini-Movie

March 11, 2022 |

This year for Easter we decided to take things in a completely different direction. This short film places Jesus and Peter in an abstract, modern setting while they discuss God’s plan for salvation. Funny, heartfelt and relatable, this mini-movie makes a great message intro.

Synthwave Collection

Neon Retro Worship Motion Backgrounds

February 24, 2022 |

These stylish new church video backgrounds feature neon grids, brilliant lights and bold colors. Utilizing a retro-futuristic art style, this “Synthwave Collection” is great for youth events and modern services.

He Is Jesus Worship Intro

Epic Modern Worship Intro Mini-Movie

February 16, 2022 |

This new worship introduction video combines abstract animation with bold glitch text and an electronic soundtrack to create a powerful service opener! Great for youth and high energy moments, this new mini-movie declares the many attributes of Jesus, our king, worthy of our praise.

Illumine Collection

Illumine Worship Motion Backgrounds

January 27, 2022 |

This series of church video backgrounds was created using a projector to shine various abstract animations through dense haze. With a massive number of loops and extra items for Ash Wednesday and Lent, this collection features some incredibly vivid colors and smoky textures.

Worship Pre Roll Video

New Worship Pre-Roll Video

January 13, 2022 |

This energetic service starter features powerful music to create an atmosphere of praise and worship. This short piece can be used as an introduction to any service or event, in-person or online.