Welcome Home Church Intro

Awesome New Service Intro | January 16, 2020

This welcoming church pre-roll video features a powerful modern soundtrack, gorgeous abstract visuals and text that describes all the things we do as a church family when we come together. The perfect way to start your services!

This is a New Year

Epic New Year’s Mini-Movie | December 26, 2019

Our latest mini-movie uses abstract 3D artwork to depict God building plans for his children, with bold text and vibrant colors. This beautiful video was created using Cinema 4D and Octane along with X-Particles.

Christmas Glitter Collection

More Christmas Video Backgrounds | December 14, 2019

This beautiful new collection of motion backgrounds for Christmas features shimmering red and green glitter filmed in shallow focus. Includes a variety of colors and speeds – perfect for the holiday season!

Spoken Word Christmas

Christmas Spoken Word Mini-Movie | November 21, 2019

This poignant Christmas short film includes two talented spoken word poets describing how Jesus saw us broken, in need of salvation. Forsaking the majesty and fellowship of heaven, he came to earth to bring us hope and eternal life.

Snowglobe Collection

Snowglobe Christmas Motion Backgrounds | November 19, 2019

This gorgeous new collection of Christmas church backgrounds features glittering bokeh and tiny crystals, slowly drifting, in a huge variety of colors and styles. We have a ton of beautiful footage – expect to see many, many new additions to this collection over the coming weeks!

Song of Thanks Worship Intro

New Thanksgiving Worship Intro | November 5, 2019

This powerful new service intro features abstract art to give the impression of autumn leaves along with bold text and subtle particles. Perfect for Thanksgiving and the fall season, this new mini-movie is a song of thanks to God our provider.

Fall Focus Collection

New Fall Motion Backgrounds | October 24, 2019

This colorful new collection features gorgeous autumn leaves gently swaying in the wind, with stylish titles and shallow focus. We’ve included a special slide for Daylight Saving Time – use it this week as a reminder!

Crystalline Collection

Crystalline Worship Motion Backgrounds | October 8, 2019

Our latest collection features multitudes of crystal prisms blending to create various unique designs. We produced a wide variety of vibrant colors and smooth animation speeds – countdown coming soon!

Together Groups Promo

Small Groups Mini-Movie | September 18, 2019

This fun, short film describes how we find great strength and accomplish great things when we unite as Christians. It combines abstract shapes, moving textures, energetic music and artwork to promote the importance of community and small groups.

Polygon Motion Collection

New Modern Motion Backgrounds | August 14, 2019

This collection is based on the Psalms of Worship mini-movie. It features abstract mountains, oceans, light rays, glass refraction, galaxies and more, all in a unique, modern style. Includes a wide variety of designs, speeds and colors.

God Loves You Mini-Movie

New Powerful Mini-Movie | August 13, 2019

Our latest film seeks to describe the personal, intimate nature of God’s Love. It utilizes footage from across the globe to depict how His loving care extends to all humanity. A great intro for messages about God’s love, plan and purpose for each individual.

Psalms Of Worship Intro

Epic New Worship Intro | July 12, 2019

This worship introduction mini-movie uses text from various psalms of praise in combination with abstract visuals and effects. The modern dubstep glitch soundtrack creates a tremendous amount of energy – great as a service opener!

Surf Remix Collection

More Worship Video Backgrounds | July 9, 2019

This totally unique collection features kaleidoscopic waves shimmering in the sunlight. We’ve created a huge variety of colors and styles, with more coming soon!

Sunset Surf Collection

New Summer Worship Motion Backgrounds | June 7, 2019

This new collection of church video backgrounds features slow motion waves rolling into sandy beaches at sunset. Perfect for summer services! Enjoy a wide variety of looks, with more titles and countdown coming soon!

Dad Letters

New Father’s Day Mini-Movie | June 3, 2019

Our latest short film, “Dad Letters,” portrays different fathers writing letters to their children for when they turn 18. It has a variety of humorous and moving moments as they describe the anecdotes of their kids, ending with heartfelt expressions of love and encouragement.

Fiber Optic Motion Collection

Modern Fiber Optic Collection | April 30, 2019

This series of worship motion backgrounds features glowing lines that crawl across various terrain shapes creating the look of rock strata. Includes a nice variety of colors, with more speeds and designs coming soon!

Becoming Your Mom Part 2

New Mother’s Day Mini-Movie | April 25, 2019

This comedic Mother’s Day film is the sequel to last year’s “Becoming Your Mom” Support Group. Almost the entire cast returned to discuss their progress and struggles over the past year, still turning into their moms. A fun video with a great message!

Spoken Word Risen

Powerful New Easter Mini-Movie | April 4, 2019

This moving short film describes the impact of Jesus’ resurrection in our daily lives. It uses modern day visuals blended with poetry about how our anxiety and insecurity is transformed by the incredible reality of Easter.

Vapor Collection

New Easter Motion Backgrounds | March 28, 2019

This vivid new collection of worship motion backgrounds features billowing smoke flowing in a huge variety of colors, speeds and stylish designs. Includes special slides for Easter – many more designs, titles and a countdown coming soon!

Desert Prayer Mini-Movie

New Desert Prayer Mini-Movie | February 28, 2019

This new short film uses symbolism of desert ruins, fire and water to describe a journey into the wilderness. Ideal for Lent & Ash Wednesday, the simple design of the text speaks of how we come before God in dust and ashes, laying down our burdens, humbled at His feet.

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