Geo Depths Collection

Geo Depths Worship Motion Backgrounds | October 6, 2016

This new collection of church video loops features clean lines and geometric designs, with a huge variety of colors and speeds. Includes welcome, closer, and countdown, with additional designs and titles coming soon!

I Have Overcome The World

New Mini-Movie on Stillness & Rest | September 30, 2016

This new sermon illustration video is perfect for the topics of being still, Sabbath, stress, worry & dependence on God. It depicts the anxiety and hurry of life contrasted with scripture verses (Psalms, Proverbs, Colossians, Romans) about God’s provision, protection, and love, with a call to be still and depend on him. The film’s title and ending are based on John 16.

Social Media and Announcement Videos

New Announcement Videos! | September 23, 2016

We’ve created 3 new looping motions for silencing phones and devices as well as an entire set of new social media and web promo videos. These new backgrounds will help you keep things quiet during services, promote your Facebook pages, highlight your Twitter accounts and feature your websites with clean, colorful, modern designs.

Particle Glow Collection

New Worship Motion Backgrounds | August 19, 2016

This new collection of church media utilizes the artwork from the recent “Through Giving” mini-movie. Blurred particles drift over a huge variety of colors and 3D graphic scenes, from Earth and worship postures to scripture and city skylines.

Through Giving Mini-Movie

New Mini-Movie on Giving | August 12, 2016

This short sermon illustration video shows the power of giving, offering, & tithing, as well as using our gifts and time for the Kingdom of Christ. Through giving, we can reach our community, spread the gospel, feed the hungry, and fulfill our mission.

Prism Waves Welcome

Ocean Worship Motion Backgrounds | July 7, 2016

This new “Prism Waves” collection of video loops and images features various scenes of ocean waves with vibrant colors, abstract vector art, and prismatic borders. Additional designs, offering, and countdown coming soon!

Stuff Dads Never Say

New Father’s Day Mini-Movie | June 8, 2016

This comedic Father’s Day mini-film, “Stuff Dads Never Say,” features short phrases that dads would never utter (most dads, anyway). Includes a fun, upbeat soundtrack and a wide variety of situations with son, daughter and family.

Let Us Never Forget

Mini-Movie to Honor Soldiers | May 25, 2016

Let Us Never Forget, our latest mini-movie, was designed for patriotic holidays such as Memorial Day, Remembrance Day, Independence Day, Veteran’s Day, etc. It combines footage of graves in a military cemetery with voiceover about honoring and recognizing soldiers. It speaks of their courage and sacrifice, with a call to never forget these brave men and women.

Summer Prism Collection

Summer Worship Motion Backgrounds | May 25, 2016

This new “Summer Prism” collection features overlapping triangle grids which create colorful patterns. Includes a variety of colors and speeds, with more loops and countdown coming soon!

Epic Mothers Day Trailer

New Epic Mother’s Day Video | April 26, 2016

We had a blast making this energetic (and hilarious) Mother’s Day action trailer, complete with professional voiceover and bold 3D titles. It demonstrates the average mom’s amazing powers (genius, inspiration, fun personality), along with slow-motion shots of sandwich making, laundry, cheering, and blowtorch candle lighting. She is amazing – she… is… Mom!

Neon Lines Collection

Neon Lines Worship Video Backgrounds | April 21, 2016

This new collection of Christian motion backgrounds features glowing neon lines which chase and overlap to create modern vector designs. Includes a variety of colors, styles and speeds, with more additions coming soon!

Light Of Christ Easter Intro

Light of Christ Easter Worship Intro | March 23, 2016

This Easter worship introduction mini-movie features powerful phrases matched with beautiful aerial footage, an energetic soundtrack, and a presentation of the gospel message. It declares that Jesus is alive, then encourages the viewer to lay down their burdens and receive the gift of salvation.

Palm Sunday Jerusalem Collection

New Palm Sunday Motion Backgrounds! | March 15, 2016

This new collection of church motion backgrounds focuses on the gates of Jerusalem, palm branches, and the triumphal entry of Jesus. The artwork matches the recent “Hosanna Palm Sunday Worship Intro” to create a cohesive worship service experience.

Hosanna Palm Sunday Worship Intro

New Palm Sunday Mini-Movie! | March 9, 2016

Hosanna to the King of Kings! This new worship intro is perfect for Palm Sunday or any time during the Easter season. Powerful scripture verses from Zechariah, Matthew & Isaiah blend with stylized low-poly artwork from Jerusalem to Calvary, all set to an energetic soundtrack.

Light Curtain Collection

Light Curtain Motion Backgrounds | February 29, 2016

This vibrant new collection of church motion backgrounds features colorful bands of light flowing in liquid fashion. Includes welcome, closer, announcements, offering, message notes – a variety of colors and speeds, with energetic 5-minute countdown!

Love Never Fails

Love Never Fails Mini-Movie | February 9, 2016

Great for Valentine’s Day or any time of year, our new church mini-movie uses 1 Corinthians 13: 4-8 to describe love, with short scenes depicting each aspect of the verse (love is patient, love is kind, etc). It combines humorous vignettes with poignant moments in building emotion with an inspiring soundtrack.

Particle Spin Collection

Particle Spin Church Motion Backgrounds | January 21, 2016

This massive collection of Christian motion backgrounds features colorful glowing particles rotating around diamond designs. Includes various colors and speeds, with energetic 5-minute countdown, welcome, closer, offering, announcements, message notes, along with 9 additional motions and 14 stills!

You Are Welcome Mini-Movie

New Church Welcome Mini-Movie! | January 15, 2016

This fun, high-energy welcome video is perfect for introducing new visitors to your congregation. It emphasizes the simple commands of Christ to love God and love others, then describes a typical service experience with worship and bible teaching. Finally, it explores the idea of church beyond the service: a persistent community supporting each other through life’s journey.

Adore Him Christmas Worship Intro

Christmas Worship Intro Published! | December 9, 2015

This Christmas Worship Introduction video is truly epic, featuring lyrics and music from “O Come All Ye Faithful” blended with declarations about Christ’s arrival, Kingdom, and sovereignty! It includes stylized 3D night scenes with glimmering stars, shepherds, angels, Bethlehem, Mary, Joseph, & baby Jesus in a manger.

Christmas Glow Snowflakes Collection

New Christmas Motion Backgrounds | November 30, 2015

This new collection of Christmas video backgrounds features vector falling snowflakes and particles. Colors include red, blue, and green options in a variety of speeds, with welcome, closer, announcements, offering and message notes. Countdown coming soon!

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