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Beautifully colored particles and lines flow over a reflective surface, with a modern texture and fog in the background.

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One Comment on “Vibrant Lines

  1. avatar Tony Huffer | :

    Looking forward to my renewal date. I feel guilty paying so little for so much.

    I would pay more for a MotionWorship yearly subscription. This is the BEST bargain on the web. I hope you’re making lots of money. I sense you are a good steward of your ability and your income.
    Your loops are similar to a song on iTunes. You produce them, we download them and use them in our worship services to enhance our focus on Jesus and God’s character.
    A life-time membership would not appeal to Paul Baloche, Lady Gaga or PlanetShakers. At about $0.11/loop, it sure beats the $10-25 per video from Skit Guys, Floodgate or SermonSpice.
    Thank you, Josiah, for a wonderful gift to our Christian community!

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