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Another in the artistic crosses worship background set.

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4 Comments on “Cross Vines

  1. avatar Ann Hanson | :

    I had posted a comment back in Feb,,,and i wanted to thank you for all of the help you gave in your replies! I have used the fonts/shadowing, etc. that you suggested and I have been able to use every background you post!

    Each week as I prepare worship/lyric slides I love checking to see what you’ve put out that’s new!

    Thanks for an AWESOME selection of backgrounds – we particularly love the moving backgrounds…as long as they don’t flash too quickly :)


  2. avatar Grant | :

    I love the new direction you’ve taken with your video loops. While the nature ones are certainly useful, I find that the more muted, darker toned, abstract designs work better in our worship. I think subtlety is the word that describes them best – very background, but very beautiful nonetheless. Thank you!

  3. avatar Ann Hanson | :

    Our church subscribes to this site and we love the pictures…however, I would love more options of simpler moving backgrounds that I can combine with the words for congregational singing. Some of the Christmas candles worked great – - but many of these are so busy, you can’t see text over them…


  4. avatar Tina Stuart | :

    I love this. It’s abstract mixed with traditional.

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