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The perfect worship background for spring! Special thanks to my piano student, Cassie, for starring in this video!

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4 Comments on “Spring Tree

  1. avatar Pastor Gill | :

    I love the worship clips. They’re the best I’ve seen on the Internet. Thankyou for blessing the Body of Christ with such fabulous creative works. I look forward to seeing more!

  2. avatar Pastor Jackson | :

    Thank you brother for letting God use you to create such unique worship loops. I am so pleased that the Lord led me to your Site. What a great blessing – affordable as only a true disciple of Christ would be led to allow. Looking forward to more superb work for the Lord. I use Live Worship, which works well with your files in my MacBook Pro. I will have great joy as I share such excellence befitting our King.

  3. avatar David Lopez | :

    This is a nice one, I think it’ll be put to use.

  4. avatar Jason Miller | :

    Awesome, this is a great one. Good to see new content. THanks so much.

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