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The words Jesus spoke at the last supper are echoed in this communion worship background.

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4 Comments on “Communion Reflection Text

  1. avatar Jim | :

    Moderator: I erroneously posted the wrong song title above and couldn’t edit/retract. The video Earl is referring to we use for the song We Remember, We Believe by Steve Angrisano and have for some time. The Leeland song pairs best with the Communion Abstract background. Sorry for the error.

  2. avatar Earl | :

    After using this for communion on World Communion Sunday, I had a member of the congregation ask “Who picks out those videos?!” She really appreciated it, and the mood it helped reinforce in the service. “I just glanced at it at first, and it was only while they were serving communion that I noticed, ‘Hey, those clouds are moving!’”

    Personally I love the symbolism of Christ being reflected in the cup.

    The version without words is too busy to use as a background for music, but this version is great for during a service, if you serve communion in a way that has some idle time while people are waiting for their turn or for the sacraments to be passed out.

    • avatar Jim | :

      Initially agreeing with Earl we’ve had the version of this video without the caption in our inventory for awhile, while using the titled one regularly. However, we’re planning to use the untitled one as a background for the song Carried To The Table (written by Leeland) in an upcoming service, just proving that there is a perfect match for every song and background.

  3. avatar Bev Fudge | :

    Thanks for the new communion videos. They are great! :-)

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