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Social Media and Announcement Videos

New Announcement Videos! | September 23, 2016

We’ve created 3 new looping motions for silencing phones and devices as well as an entire set of new social media and web promo videos. These new backgrounds will help you keep things quiet during services, promote your Facebook pages, highlight your Twitter accounts and feature your websites with clean, colorful, modern designs.

Particle Glow Collection

New Worship Motion Backgrounds | August 19, 2016

This new collection of church media utilizes the artwork from the recent “Through Giving” mini-movie. Blurred particles drift over a huge variety of colors and 3D graphic scenes, from Earth and worship postures to scripture and city skylines.

Through Giving Mini-Movie

New Mini-Movie on Giving | August 12, 2016

This short sermon illustration video shows the power of giving, offering, & tithing, as well as using our gifts and time for the Kingdom of Christ. Through giving, we can reach our community, spread the gospel, feed the hungry, and fulfill our mission.

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