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Welcome! Motion Worship is a family-owned business dedicated to the high quality production of worship media for the Church. We are also passionate about providing great content at an affordable value.

God deserves only our best, and has asked us all to be "generous and willing to share." (1 Tim 6:18) Those are the two main passions of this website. Read more about Motion Worship...

Desert Prayer Mini-Movie

New Desert Prayer Mini-Movie | February 28, 2019

This new short film uses symbolism of desert ruins, fire and water to describe a journey into the wilderness. Ideal for Lent & Ash Wednesday, the simple design of the text speaks of how we come before God in dust and ashes, laying down our burdens, humbled at His feet.

Flow Line Collection

Flow Line Worship Motion Backgrounds | February 26, 2019

This collection matches the recent “Church Pre Roll Video.” It features flowing grids and lines in a wide variety of colors and speeds, with tiny dust particles in each scene.

Church Pre-Roll Video

Energetic Pre-Service Mini-Movie | January 24, 2019

This new worship intro features fast cut clips of people, nature, and worship mixed with text about the amazing God we praise! Also includes welcoming text about how they are loved, accepted, and welcome – the perfect short film to kick off services weekly. We encourage you to customize it with your own photos and video from your church (using editing software)!

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