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Celebrate The Savior Christmas Mini-Movie

Another New Christmas Mini-Movie! | December 16, 2014

This powerful Christmas mini-movie reminds us that as we celebrate the baby Jesus, the manger, and the joy of this season, we should remember that Jesus did not remain a baby. He became our healer, our teacher, our sacrifice, and our salvation – a profound reason to celebrate the birth of a child! Alternate spelling (saviour) is available.

The Spirit Of Giving

The Spirit of Giving Christmas Mini-Movie | December 11, 2014

Our first full audio + acting production! This Christmas mini-movie shows a child anticipating the excitement of opening a gift beneath the tree. Day after day, he can’t help but ask his mother constantly if it’s time to open presents. This heart-warming short story has a bit of a twist at the end, with a call to “Celebrate the Spirit of Giving.”

Colorful Christmas Trees Collection

New Collection – Colorful Christmas! | December 4, 2014

This series of Christmas motion backgrounds features soaring stars, colorful particles, and a color changing central star with several motions also including a line of vibrantly colored trees. Different speeds have been created to suit various song tempos, with a countdown to be released soon!

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