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This vibrant new collection of backgrounds features flowing fractals in a variety of colors and styles. The unique blend of abstract patterns creates the illusion of moving water and reflections. This collection includes a 5-minute countdown, welcome, announcements, offering, message and closing slides with an additional 13 motions and 18 stills!

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One Reply to “Overflow Collection”

  1. Greetings! Although I’m leaving this comment in your Overflow Collection, I simply wish to commend you for your excellent worship video offerings. I had downloaded both of the new Holiday 2021 offerings (Thanksgiving Prayer, and Christmas Search Engine) and our young pastor loved both of them. His comment was “I want to use both of them. You’ve really found a great source of A/V materials for our worship. MotionWorship makes some really interesting and very professionally done videos. Thanks for acquiring them!”

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