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This worship motion background features an infinite spiral of triangular shapes, gently drifting toward the viewer, shifting and shimmering with dancing lights.

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2 Replies to “Geo Depths Blue Spiral”

  1. I am a network administrator helping out a local Congregational church. They have mostly senior citizens and have no idea how to program their new LED sign that was just installed. The company that installed the sign went out of business after 60 years and this is their last sign install. All of their employees that would have set up the software and helped program the graphics are gone. I worked with the sign manufacturer, Optec, and now have the sign up with a basic message on it. I would really like to find some nice, Christian video backgrounds (AVI or ??) to give their message something that will catch people’s eye! They don’t have much money and I am donating my time. Thank you for providing some free backgrounds.

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