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This energetic (and funny) Mother’s Day mini-movie sermon illustration was created in the style of an epic action movie trailer complete with professional voiceover and bold 3D titles. It demonstrates the average mother’s amazing powers, along with hilarious but awesome slow-motion shots of sandwich making, laundry, cheering, and blowtorch candle lighting. She is amazing – she… is… Mom!

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4 Comments on “Epic Mothers Day Trailer

  1. avatar Victory Church on the Rock | :

    This video is GREAT! We laugh every time. Thank-you so much for your excellence and amazing video quality. Keep the videos coming! :D

  2. avatar Aaron | :

    Great video!!! We are using this for Sunday!

  3. avatar Chris | :

    Well done! Everything came together on this one. Writing, camera work, editing, AE. Epic.

  4. avatar Mark | :

    Awesome video! Absolutely hilarious without being too cheesy. Excellent job blending humor and truth while honoring both mother’s and God. I think this may be your all around best video yet! I will definitely use it this Mother’s Day.

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