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This Easter mini-movie illustrates the ways in which Christ was put to death for our sake. Imagery includes a crown of thorns, cross with purple fabric, wooden staff, nails & hammer, Calvary, and the tomb closing. It concludes with the resurrection complete with uplifting music and powerful messages of hope.

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6 Comments on “Crucified Easter Version

  1. avatar Frits | :

    Like it..!

  2. avatar Jackie | :

    Love this! Would love a video next year for Palm Sunday! :)

    • avatar Jonathan | :

      You got it, and I think it is fantastic… you guys are really stepping up your game and I want to encourage you to keep it up!!!

  3. avatar Lynn Larsen | :

    love it.
    am using it this week, so I can use your NEW Easter one next Sunday…

    maybe next year you can have a Palm Sunday Mini Movie?

  4. avatar Todd C | :

    Awesome in telling the Easter story and everyone should run into the arms of the Savior after watching this!

  5. avatar freddy martinez | :

    i love it

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