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The perfect moment captured in the perfect place…welcome to Sherwood Forest :) Seriously though, this is a good worship motion background for Blessed Be Your Name and many other songs. Can you see the ducks? They held perfectly still for me!

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2 Comments on “Spring Stream

  1. avatar Dorothy | :

    Love this one, we are using it behind the

  2. avatar Tamara | :

    I really enjoy getting my backgrounds for our service from your site. I would really like to see you add more of the long plays, I like to use them during our Offertory while our pianist and organist play and I’ve already used the ones you have a few times and am hoping that you will add some new ones soon.
    Thank you for your hard work and providing these wonderful backgrounds at such a low cost my members really seem to enjoy the experience.
    Tamara Shada

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