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This is a longplay Christmas motion background – it runs a full 4 minutes and is loopable.

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One Comment on “Christmas Artwork

  1. avatar Sarah Fairchild | :

    As the Worship Leader for our church body I spent my morning excitedly awaiting my chance to make it into church and check out all the Christmas backgrounds and countdowns and clips that I have been holding off on until we hit our first Sunday in December. After being out of town last week today was my first chance to leave the kiddos and head in for some prep and planning time and I told my husband on our two hour drive home that I was so looking forward to downloads. :) Thanks so much for using this gift God has given you to help us leaders as we seek to engage the hearts and minds of our church family in a time worship to the Lord. For those of us whose hearts are at times most deeply touched through music, these visual helps only enrich that time with the Lord so THANK YOU from us here at The ROCK Church in Findlay Ohio!

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