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Summary: this is a brief tutorial on placing text over video in worship presentation software. These techniques can be used in most any software (except Powerpoint), but for demonstration purposes I used MediaShout (Media Shout).

I cover ways to make text show up clearly on most backgrounds, and how to position text so that it compliments art and imagery instead of fighting for attention. I also show some of my favorite fonts.

10 Comments on “Placing Text on Motion Backgrounds

  1. avatar Dorarena | :

    Thank you and keep being a blessing. You don’t realize how God is using you to help others. God bless you!

  2. avatar Brandon | :

    Thanks for this tutorial! Im going to try out some of the techniques you used. Awesome job!!!!

  3. avatar Ken Kiriinya | :

    This was really great Josiah, in just a little bit of time I learnt a whole lot. I know I will have to play with Easy Worship and see how it works, but thanks again. God Bless you and keep you well!

  4. avatar Rodolfo Reyes Jr. | :

    This software is excellent, thank God for bringing me to this site, you are an amazing God. Bless you more & more, now our media in our church is having a nice presentation.

  5. avatar Shelly Trotter | :

    Great site! Great Job, thanks for sharing your God given talents!! May He bless you richly!

  6. avatar Becky Smith | :

    Enjoyed this very much. Although I am more “into” having the words fairly large (usually 4-6 lines per screen) your instruction on placing the text around objects on the screen was wonderful; you opened my eyes to a whole new way of doing things.

    Thanks for a great site, excellent products, and a VERY economical price point. You’re a huge help to our media ministry.

    • avatar ossai chibuzor | :

      worship God in a beautiful level

  7. avatar Dawn | :

    Great job on this tutorial! Your style is very user-friendly and is useful for folks with different skill levels. Keep up the good work!

  8. avatar AniePay | :

    thanks to your site…really a blessing one! lots of learnings….All Glory Belongs to our GOD.

  9. avatar Dean Dickson | :

    First of all, thanks for the website. Second, thanks for the tips. I have been using PowerPoint for many years and have just recently started using Media Shout. I really do appreciate you sharing your ideas. I will use them this Sunday.

    Thanks again,


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