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Summary: this is a quick tip on how to make a worship countdown video shorter, e.g. taking a 5 or 10 minute countdown and bringing the length down to 3 minutes or 1 minute. It involves starting the video later, or setting the “in” point of the video to a later time

This can be done using just about any worship presentation software, but for demonstration purposes I used Media Shout (MediaShout) and Easy Worship (EasyWorship).

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  1. Any way to do this in ProPresenter 5 or 6? I tried the comment listed above by Sue but it goes back to 5 minutes every time.


    1. If you right click (Control-Click) and click Media Cue Properties, drag the slider and click “In”, and it’ll start there.

  2. We love your countdowns. But we really prefer countdowns that show hundreds of seconds, like a stopwatch. Would you consider creating some countdowns with hundreds of seconds? Thank you so much! :)

    We are crazy about your work and we appreciate all your hard work!

  3. This works in Propresenter. If you change the In point on the video when it is in the video bin and before you put it in a presentation, it will remember it. Just Right click on the slide (Ctrl clicl for MAC) choose media properties, and make the In and Out changes on the video displayed there. Close the properties and the changes are applied to the slide, or the video in the video bin.

  4. using media shout, I want to put a countdown screen in my scrolling announcements, but the countdown starts over when the scrolling annc. gets to it. is there a way to keep the countdown, counting as the other announcements scroll through?

    1. I have a buddy that pulled this off, but it’s not possible in Media Shout. He used PPT 2010, inserted the countdown, shrunk it and put it down in the corner, and then kept it running over his announcement slides. He said you can’t use transitions. Sounds tricky. This is a great idea though, I’ll look into it.

      1. MediaShout has it’s own timer that I use. I usually just adjust it in the lower right corner and have it countdown over announcements.

  5. In Easy Worship – if you set the video at 3 mins in the preview but then do other things do you have to reset the video or does it save it that way in the schedule? Thanks for the Great Help!

  6. Dear brother Josiah,
    This was an excellent tutorial. I want to thank you for your time and talent in producing it and posting it.
    Thanks again.

  7. Great help! You answered one of my questions, before I had a chance to ask it – and gave me some extra tips as well!

    Thanks for the good work!

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