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This powerful Christmas mini-movie reminds us that as we celebrate the baby Jesus, the manger, and the joy of this season, we should remember that Jesus did not remain a baby. He became our healer, our teacher, our sacrifice, and our salvation – a profound reason to celebrate the birth of a child! Alternate spelling (saviour) is available.

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3 Comments on “Celebrate The Savior Christmas Intro

  1. avatar Judette Franzoso | :

    Beautiful with a strong message.. i love the fact that you state that Christmas is not just about the baby Jesus but His purpise as a risen King the Savior of mankind. this is awsome!

  2. avatar Alana | :

    Thank You!! Merry Christmas.

  3. avatar jeniel | :

    Puji Tuhan, saya sangat membantu dalam pelayanan. Tuhan Yesus memberkati, Amin.

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