Chromatic Motion Collection

Chromatic Worship Motion Backgrounds | August 31, 2017

This colorful collection of Christian video backgrounds features a huge variety of stylish abstract 3D art, from tunnels of light to raining metal. Includes energetic 5-minute church countdown, welcome, announcements, offering, message notes and closing slide, along with a massive 18 looping motions and 23 still images!

Only One Worship Intro

Epic Worship Intro Mini-Movie | August 11, 2017

This energetic new worship introduction video is filled with symbolism and stylish abstract art. Features a modern dubstep soundtrack, colorful visuals, and bold titles describing God’s character and love. An awesome opener for any service, sermon or event!

Mountain Pines Collection

New Nature Worship Video Backgrounds | July 28, 2017

This new collection of church motion backgrounds features a variety of majestic mountains covered in seemingly endless pine trees. Includes energetic 5-minute countdown, welcome, announcements, offering, message notes and closing slide.

Galaxy Glass Collection

Galaxy Glass Worship Motion Backgrounds | June 7, 2017

These vibrant church video loops are based on the titles from our recent Epic Mother’s Day Sequel. They all feature rotating shards of glass with fading stars and haze in a huge variety of colors and styles.

Stuff Dads Never Say Part 2

New Father’s Day Mini-Movie | June 2, 2017

We’ve added a sequel to last year’s highly successful “Stuff Dads Never Say” Father’s Day illustration video! This new short film features the same cast, music, and graphics, with all-new hilarious phrases that no dad would ever utter (well, most dads).

Epic Mothers Day Sequel

New Epic Mother’s Day Mini-Movie! | May 3, 2017

This epic, funny, energetic new Mother’s Day film features a dramatic action movie trailer demonstrating the superpowers of a mom, gifted by God. Combines intense music, bold voiceover, and crisp visuals to tell of story of how amazing moms truly are! Designed to compliment last year’s “Epic Mother’s Day Trailer.”

Vivid Fibers Collection

New Worship Motion Backgrounds | April 13, 2017

This colorful collection of worship video backgrounds features vivid animated fibers and drifting dust particles. Includes a wide variety of colors and styles – brighten up your service!

Vivid Fibers Easter Collection

Easter Motion Backgrounds | March 30, 2017

This new collection of worship motion backgrounds features vibrant colored fibers animating along with drifting particles. Includes a huge variety of colorful abstracts along with crosses, empty tomb loops, Easter titles and brilliant sunrise scenes.

The Good News of Christ

New Easter Mini-Movie! | March 20, 2017

Excited to share our latest Easter project, a collaboration with the brilliant artist Jason Jaspersen – also thank you to Rob Ricotta for the excellent voiceover. The story of the Gospel is told through timelapse painting, from creation to the resurrection and beyond.

Ashes Rising Collection

Worship Video Backgrounds for Lent | February 27, 2017

This new collection, entitled “Ashes Rising,” features drifting dust and ash particles over weathered backdrops. Created to match the recent mini-movie, there are a variety of styles and scenes including a cross, desert, blank background for environmental projection, as well as title loops for Lent & Ash Wednesday.

Sacrifice Mini-Movie

New Mini-Movie for Lent / Ash Wednesday | February 24, 2017

This powerful new sermon illustration video features drifting ash, distressed textures and fractured text. Essentially it’s a message that through seasons of struggle, we can follow the example of Christ and find focus and healing through sacrifice. It helps transform our hearts, shaping us into His image.

Golden Drift Collection

New Worship Motion Backgrounds | February 3, 2017

This new collection of church video loops features endless rows of spinning gold flecks and drifting particles. Includes a variety of colors (purple, bronze, red, green, and blue) along with speed variations and energetic 5-minute countdown.

Glory To The Lord Worship Intro

New Worship Intro Mini-Movie | January 27, 2017

We’ve just published a new worship introduction video based on scripture from Isaiah 42! Features upbeat music, epic nature scenes, city shots, mountains, oceans, storms and more – a great way to kick off services and create an energetic atmosphere for worship.

New Year Unchanged Mini-Movie

New Year’s Mini-Movie | December 27, 2016

This sermon illustration mini-movie is perfect for New Year’s Day, with a message of hope in the midst of changes. Even if our nations, economies, families, and circumstances change, our God remains the same!

O Holy Night Mini-Movie

O Holy Night Christmas Mini-Movie | December 9, 2016

This poignant new animated piece features beautiful handmade artwork along with a dramatic reading of the poem that inspired the famous carol. Features a brilliant star, wise men, shepherds, baby Jesus, the nativity, a call to worship, and a the powerful closing line “His power and glory evermore proclaim.”

Crystal Patterns Collection

New Crystal Patterns Collection | December 2, 2016

This new collection of worship motion backgrounds is great for winter, Christmas, or any time of year. Frozen fractal patterns shift with the light in a huge variety of colors and styles. Features 2 countdowns, one with Christmas colors!

Bethlehem Night Collection

Christmas Motion Backgrounds | November 18, 2016

Designed to match the “Adore Him Christmas Worship Intro,” this collection features stylized 3D artwork depicting Bethlehem at night. Includes shepherds, angels, city streets, baby Jesus, and twinkling stars.

Digital Autumn Motion Collection

New Worship Motion Backgrounds | November 12, 2016

Check out our latest collection of church video loops, featuring colorful trees and abstract falling leaves. The unique 3D artwork matches the recent “We Thank You Worship Intro,” providing a seamless worship experience – great for the fall season and Thanksgiving!

We Thank You Worship Intro

New Thanksgiving Mini-Movie! | November 4, 2016

Featuring bright colors and energetic music, this new Thanksgiving worship intro is great for the autumn season. The text speaks of God’s love and grace, giving thanks for his creation, mercy and salvation through the cross. Matching collection of worship motion backgrounds coming soon!

Rustic Wood Collection

Rustic Wood Worship Motions | October 28, 2016

This new fall-themed set of church video backgrounds features weathered wood planks, diamond designs, growing lines and drifting particles. Features a variety of colors and styles, with welcome, closer, message notes, offering, announcements and 5-minute countdown coming soon! Great for autumn and Thanksgiving!

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