Behold the Lamb Christmas Intro

New Christmas Mini-Movie | November 20, 2018

This epic and powerful Christmas sermon illustration video blends scripture from Galatians, John, and 1 John to describe the wonder of Jesus’ coming to earth. Traditional artwork is enhanced with modern motion graphics to create stunning visuals.

Sparkle Christmas Collection

Christmas Motion Backgrounds | November 14, 2018

These colorful new holiday video loops feature cascades of glittering particles flowing within stylish vector designs. Includes a huge variety of colors and styles with more to come!

Spoken Word Of Thanks

Thanksgiving Mini-Movie | October 31, 2018

This poignant new sermon illustration video features a spoken word poem and diverse images with a simple message to give thanks in all circumstances. This beautiful, uplifting short film fits nicely into services year round, but is particularly relevant during the Thanksgiving season.

Spiral Collection

New Spiral Church Motion Backgrounds | October 12, 2018

This vibrant collection of worship video backgrounds features glowing coils of colored light smoothly animating with high depth of field. Motions include a nice variety of colors, speeds and styles along with energetic countdown, welcome, closing slide, announcements, offering, and message.


Decisions Mini-Movie | September 20, 2018

This sermon video is all about the struggle of finding God’s will in the midst of life’s decisions. It features a diverse collection of footage along with voiceover on the subject of choices, flowing into encouragement in the various methods of seeking the will of God (scripture, good counsel, prayer, and trust).

Gem Dust Collection

Gem Dust Worship Motion Backgrounds | September 20, 2018

These unique, colorful church video backgrounds feature flowing sparkly sand with extreme depth of field and bokeh. This was a very difficult project to pull off, but the results are quite beautiful! More titles, loops and countdown coming soon!

You Are Holy Worship Intro

Epic New Worship Intro Mini-Movie | August 21, 2018

This powerful worship introduction features abstract 3D scenes, symbolism, energetic glitch dub soundtrack and bold text declaring the awesome qualities of God.

Circuit Motion Collection

New Tech Worship Motion Backgrounds | August 21, 2018

This new collection of church video loops features vast arrays of circuitry and shifting lights. It includes a wide variety of colors, styles and speeds. More coming soon!

Hold On Mini-Movie

New Mini-Movie, “Hold On” | July 20, 2018

This powerful new sermon illustration video describes the struggle of waiting on the Lord. It features beautiful footage of nature and urban environments which match the narrative, ending with a climax which assures the viewer of God’s love and compassion for those who are suffering.

Summer Flow Collection

Summer Worship Motion Backgrounds | July 18, 2018

This new collection features a variety of vibrant flowing water footage. Crystal clear waters ripple over sandy shores, with a nice selection of colors and speeds. Includes bonus titles for summer and VBS!

Sunset Aerial Collection

Awesome New Sunset Aerials | June 7, 2018

This collection of worship motion backgrounds features soaring flights over mountains and valleys with stylistic reflected frames. Includes beautiful skies, rolling fog, and vivid colors!

Dad Fuel Father's Day Mini-Movie

Epic Father’s Day Mini-Movie | June 6, 2018

This new Father’s Day video is pretty hilarious – we created a fake commercial for a fictional energy drink called “Dad Fuel,” designed just for dads. It contrasts shots of dads working out with intensity along with a dad just living everyday life – checking scores, reading the newspaper, giving amazing relationship advice… Don’t touch his thermostat!

Becoming Your Mom Support Group

Funny New Mother’s Day Mini-Movie | April 30, 2018

We had a lot of fun creating our latest Mother’s Day film – it features a support group for people turning into their moms and a lot of comedic one-liners. It also includes a serious moment when the group leader encourages everyone to let the beautiful things about moms shine through in their lives, the qualities that God gave moms when He created them.

Overflow Motion Collection

Colorful Worship Motion Backgrounds | April 20, 2018

This vibrant new collection of church video backgrounds features flowing fractals in a variety of colors and styles. The unique blend of abstract patterns creates the illusion of moving water and reflections.

Crucifixion Collection

Good Friday Motion Backgrounds | March 28, 2018

These new worship motion backgrounds feature crosses with flowing black fabric, the garden of Gethsemane, the scourge whip, and other scenes from the recent “Our King Forever” mini-movie. They are specifically designed for setting a somber tone on Good Friday.

Resurrection Light Collection

New Easter Motion Backgrounds | March 16, 2018

This new collection of Easter video loops features draped fabric flowing in the wind, crosses, and imagery of the empty tomb with stone rolled away. Also includes beautiful sunsets and majestic mountains. Countdown coming soon!

His Kingdom Is Here Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday Mini-Movie | March 13, 2018

Our new mini-movie combines spoken word poetry with powerful symbolism & music. Featuring beautiful hand-drawn art from Jason Watson and the voice of Nick Foulks.

Silken Motion Background Collection

Silken Motion Collection | March 2, 2018

This set of worship motion backgrounds features various silk banners flowing in the wind with a large variety of designs and colors. Includes Easter video backgrounds. More titles and countdown coming soon!

Our King Forever Easter Intro

New Easter Mini-Movie | February 28, 2018

This powerful new Easter sermon video uses imagery from Good Friday to contrast the suffering of Christ with his mercy and victory. It culminates in a huge climactic moment as the tomb opens to reveal crosses with white flowing fabric. He is risen indeed!

Woven Motion Collection

Woven Motion Collection | January 31, 2018

This vibrant new collection of worship motion backgrounds features colorful 3D rendered strands weaving together to form various patterns. Includes a variety of styles and speeds, with welcome, announcements, offering, message, and closing slides. Countdown coming soon!

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