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This energetic Mother’s Day mini-movie features bright colors and graphics which describe the amazing gift of mothers. A mother is called upon to fill many roles and her abilities are truly superpowers – let us honor and celebrate them today, tomorrow, and every day!

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3 Comments on “Mothers Day Amazing Gift

  1. avatar Pastor Joyce Williams | :

    Thank you for using your gifts for the Kingdom. I enjoy living through the presentations. They bring laughter, joy and a few tears. I ponder them and can not wait to share them. I pray that the anointing of God continue to lead your creativity.

  2. avatar Babes Pascual | :

    Thank you for sharing your videos😊
    Every best mother in the whole world deserves this
    awesome gift🎁

  3. avatar Deidre | :

    This video was well received by our ministry on Mother’s Day! In addition to the current options, will you please create a version like this for Father’s Day as well?!

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