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We all want to find the perfect gift for Mom…this year, what if we gave Mother’s Day as a gift for 365 days? This Mother’s Day mini-movie features teens and young adults encouraging all to show love and support for mothers year round.

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3 Comments on “Mothers Day 365

  1. avatar Lauren | :

    Too funny…I love it!

  2. avatar Lori-House on the Rock | :

    Great job.

  3. avatar bdotson | :

    Hey Josiah – HOMERUN on this one! Just quirky enough without getting awkward, the people are REAL people meaning they don’t look like models (unlike many a megachurch worship video – where do they get those people anyway?) the script (if there was one) is so good it feels completely honest and in the moment. If you let them speak ad lib, even better.

    Really superb stuff!

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