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The power of prayer is incredible, and it is at our fingertips if we would only use it. This sermon illustration or worship intro video focuses on praying hands with a wide variety of ages and ethnic diversity. Phrases appear such as “the power to heal,” “the power to forgive,” and many others. Great for introducing a message on the topic of prayer.

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7 Comments on “The Power Is In Your Hands

  1. avatar dian | :

    tq, im dian indonesian
    ur videos make me spirit and inspire
    tx a lot..

  2. avatar anita siahaan | :

    wooowww… simple but powerful

  3. avatar Deven | :

    Just Amazing!

    Thank U

  4. avatar Rita Madrazo | :

    Powerful, great to use as an introduction to the prayer meeting. Indeed prayers changes things, make the impossible to become possible.

  5. avatar Sebastian | :

    Love it, too! Thank you!

  6. avatar Julie from KC | :

    This video is awesome! We are using it to promote our Wednesday night prayer service. Thank You!!

  7. avatar julie | :

    Love It! Simple, Powerful, Multiage, Multicultural. Thank You! We need more videos!

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