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165 Comments on “Free Worship Video Background

  1. Iglesia de Dios Saric | :

    Muchas gracias por este software…nos ha ayudado en nuestra iglesia ya que no habiamos podido comprar software por lo caro que estan… su software es muy functional y facil de usar y que sobre todo es gratis. Dios les bendiga aun mas.

    Pastor Jesus Perez.

  2. Ruth | :

    Thank you ! God bless you

  3. mk3313 | : from iran.
    very very tanks for the all video.

  4. alex villa | :

    agradable presentación para el uso de las alabanzas en nuestra iglesia en El Salvador. gracias

  5. Philip | :

    Thank’s, Jesus Bless Us

  6. loewe carandang | :

    Thank you for helping me in the body of Christ. Your giving has blessed our church.

  7. Jim Murphy | :

    NICE JOB!!!

    It appears that your sample flows seamlessly… which is expecting a lot from a free sample!


  8. Rose Estevan | :


  9. leunides | :


  10. romac | :

    Awesome, thanks

  11. Metropolitan Cocoa | :

    Thanks for the download. Beautiful graphic

  12. tanner | :

    thanks for the free download!! :)

  13. Alina | :

    Thank God for your gift! Amazing clips

  14. Gabriel | :

    thanks a whole lot sir/ma

  15. Prince | :

    Very nice work. perfect harmony and thanks for blessing us. May God bless your goodworks!!!

  16. Micah | :

    Thank you so much. The loops are of great quality and are beautiful. Have a blessed and favored 2014.

  17. Sergio | :

    Many thanks for your talents; may God Bless you and your ministry. Thank you!

  18. albert | :

    Terima Kasih..
    Tuhan Yesus Memberkati

  19. Kelen | :

    I’m from BRAZIL – Thank you very much!

  20. Sela | :

    thank you very much … God bless you

  21. daniel | :


  22. Ben | :

    Thank you so much for this. It really helps me out. God bless

  23. Indonesian Gospel Mission Fellowship Church | :

    God bless you!
    We are really helped with this. Now we could present the worship song better.

    Keep in spirit for the glory of Jesus Christ!

    Denpasar – Bali

  24. NikkyJL | :

    All the glory, praise, and thanksgiving to the Lord for Motion Worship!!! This website is truly heavenly. We are truly blessed. Thank you!

  25. Stephan | :

    Thanks a lot!, its a beautiful videoloop

  26. Deni | :

    It’s awesome thank you so much :)

  27. luisk | :

    Sr Motionwrship i want to thank you for giving this motion loop, you are blessing

  28. Rick | :

    Thank you!

  29. erwin | :

    thanks! and may God bless you…

  30. heri joe | :

    Thank U… Good idea

  31. MLR Institute of Technology | :

    Thanks to bless us… may God bless you..

  32. Harry Dicker | :


  33. eko | :

    Terima kasih, GBU

  34. yantoiyai | :

    Thanks you for background Video from ministri comunity. God Bless you to you ministri.

  35. BGT Media | :

    Thank you!

  36. Tiago | :

    Parabéns pelo trabalho, Deus abençoe!!!

  37. edmond | :

    That’s a christian attitude. God Bless u and ur families

  38. Ram | :

    thanks to give

  39. maju | :

    Terima Kasih..
    Tuhan Yesus Memberkati

  40. Barb | :

    Thank you so much! Love it!

  41. Secson | :

    God bless u

  42. xoan | :

    thanks so much. I like it.

  43. Mhac J | :

    Just beautiful!

  44. Matt | :

    Never heard of you guys before, but after I checked out this free one, I looked at all your others, and you guys are exactly my style. Me=Subscriber. It pays to put out some free samples! Thank you!

  45. Jessyca | :

    Thank you for the free download. So nice! I can’t wait until our budget allows for a subscription to your site. You have wonderful graphics and the price is perfect for us smaller churches.

  46. In Bong Lee | :

    Thank you^^

  47. Min | :

    Gorgeous! Thank You!

  48. tsegai | :

    i love it. thanks!

  49. den | :

    thank you….

  50. Kinante | :

    Thanks for the free video

  51. wangqitao | :

    thank you

  52. kc | :

    Great work, May God continue to increase ur ministry.


    Muy precioso y bendiciones

  54. Everardo | :

    muchas gracias por el video es de mucha bendicion
    bendiciones desde Veracruz,Mexico

  55. Alvaro | :

    Muchas gracias por el vídeo. Que el Señor Jesús les bendiga.
    Sucre – Bolivia

  56. Francis Mungai Ndungu | :

    Great work

  57. CLYDE | :

    VERRRY great stufff…great ministry.. thanks much… i would love to subscribe but i dont work with credit cards…God bless

  58. kie NCC | :

    This so Great stuff,….
    Thanks for this to the creator..
    God bless more, moree and moree we are,….

  59. quilves | :

    I love this website! God bless you more.

  60. michael njenga | :

    wow! worship is going to another level

  61. Ruben Casas | :

    Thank you very much for all the work you do in producing these backgrounds. You are a blessing to us. Your monthly freebies are deeply appreciated. We pray that God will continue to help you create these marvelous works of art that we use to project our song lyrics.

  62. jeniel | :

    thank you brother, our God Bless You every day.

  63. Jeremy Ives | :

    You guys have alot of great stuff. I have the subscription, thanks.

  64. Yeshua Adonai | :

    Thanks for sharing the motion background, it’s a blessing.
    Do not neglect to do good and to share what you have, for such sacrifices are pleasing to God. Hebrews 13:16

  65. Sheng | :

    Thank you for sharing this. Such a blessing to our church especially now that we are blessed with anew projector :) God bless!!

  66. david | :

    Thank you for your free motions.
    May God bless you.

  67. D. Stough | :

    Wow, Thank you!! Amazing.
    God bless you.

  68. JB | :

    Thank you so much for this I hope you make another one free video like this. once again thanks. Godbless :)

  69. wendellamper | :

    thanks a lot!!!GOD Bless you!!!

  70. chris | :

    Thanks and May God bless Your Work .. Awesome Background (‘ ‘,)

  71. cesar | :

    appreciate it

  72. K | :

    Awesome! God bless you. :-)

  73. daywilz | :

    dis rocks God Bless

  74. geant | :

    asante sana kwa hiyo cinema, i meant thnx for that video bckgnd.
    God bless you

  75. prine deryk | :

    you guys are awesome keep up the good work God bless You

  76. Jose | :

    Thank You So much…God Bless….

  77. Marvin | :

    Thank you very much…!

  78. Jacob | :

    This is fantastic! Thanks so much and God bless you!

  79. Ramon Novaes | :

    A Paz!
    Que Deus abençõe vcs muitooooooo!!!!

    linda adoração ao Senhor.

    Igreja Evangélica Internacional Hosana

  80. shaiko chan | :

    Cool ! :P

  81. apasxray | :

    Terimakasih, saya sdh download, met natal 25 Des’11 n met menyongsong tahun baru 01 Jan’12. GBU

  82. Pia | :

    Thank you so much and God bless you :)

  83. Clyde Spangler | :

    Thank you for the sample. I ran this by the pastor, secretary and accountant.
    I am the worship leader for New Life Chapel in Lebanon. I am also in charge of creating our PPTs. I sent them a sample PPT with the free motion loop. I’m hoping we can be your next customer.
    Thanks again,

  84. mikhael | :

    Teng u for video..GBU

    • elminor | :

      terima kasih tuhan memberkati

  85. Mira | :

    Thank you for the great worship background. We’re blessed by your ministry. God bless you.

  86. Salvador Venegas Escobar | :

    Muchas gracias por este bello video. Dios les bendiga.

  87. LD Calpe | :

    Thanks! GOD BLESS!!!

  88. Allan | :

    Thanks for sharing your gifts to us….God bless you more.

  89. Levi | :

    Please keep up the Good works as what you were to do. Eph 2:10

  90. ASD | :

    Much appreciated. A blessing.

  91. Pat Fuller | :

    Thank you for allowing me to download this beautiful video background! God bless you and thank you for your generosity! ~ Patricia

  92. Andreas | :

    Thanks for the video background…. God bless

  93. sandro | :

    muito obrigado pelo video gratis……

  94. Felicia Perez | :

    Thank you So much for this FREE gift!!! Just as Jesus Freely gives so have you!!! God Bless you and your ministry in abundance, May Gods favor always be with you, in Jesus name, AMEN!!!

  95. Keith Scott | :

    Thanks so much for the free video loop download. Much appreciated.

  96. Ade | :

    Thanks alot, God will bless you, your family and your work.

  97. josue | :

    gracias por compartir con kienes no podemos comprarlo..
    thanks for sharing!!! Blessings

  98. David Romero | :

    Gracias por realizar tan precioso trabajo y compartirlo con los demas.

    Dios te bendiga mas.

  99. mikey | :

    thank you for sharing this… i ahve no money to buy but you shared for free.. God bless you more and more..

    in Christ Jesus,

  100. Tivise Otutoa | :

    In gratitude for allowing many to access this video. God continue to bless you and your work.

  101. Jonathan Brown | :

    Thank you for your site! Our church was truly blessed by your gifts! Thank you again!

  102. John Blackburn | :

    Thank you. I am a missionary making worship lyric screens here in Italy. Thank you so much for your contribution to God’s kingdom with this free background. We pray God’s blessings on your ministry/business for putting evangelism before profit by offering this to us gratis!

  103. Dario Marulanda | :

    Thank you so much, this lopp is so useful for worshipping in my church

  104. Giovann Tec | :

    Thanks a lot ! this is awesome for those of us who dont have enough money to buy this kind of videos!! this is awesome! God will bless you!!

  105. erwin | :

    God bless you! this is really a useful material specially to those churches who doesn’t have enough budget and to places where in worshiping Him is prohibited…

  106. Denisse | :

    Thank you so much for sewing this free background into hundreds of ministries .. I pray blessings in abundance over your ministry :)

  107. Ronnies | :

    Soothing blue colour.. LOVE IT!!

    Thank you

  108. John Sledge | :

    Thank you and God Bless!!!

  109. YONATHAN | :

    thank you friends

  110. victor rodriguez | :

    Wow thanks i was looking for a long time I pray that God will continue bless you because i know planting a seed makes Grow a million blessing…. God bless you….

  111. gloria chu | :

    Thanks.. God bless you.
    we used very well for christmas season.

  112. Herry W | :

    Thank U for everything, God Blessing U All. more n more…

  113. Deb | :

    Thank you very much. Beautiful!

  114. Isaac | :

    Thanks you for this great seasonal background. You are a blessing.


  115. erdmng | :

    Thnks for all

  116. Marcos | :

    DEUS abençoe e multiplique vossas forças.!
    Um grande abraços do Brasil..!!!

  117. GKISerpong | :

    So many thanks. Great wok, God Bless you and your family

  118. Yolanda | :

    Thank you for this precious gift. God Bless

  119. Deb | :

    Thanks so much for your generosity! God Bless.

  120. Victor | :

    Thank you for these free video gifts (present and previous). They have blessed our congregation tremendously by improving and envigorating the worhip.

  121. nudge | :

    this is nice.. i can use this in our church. thanks.. God bless

  122. Conniemedia | :

    How can I add the worship words to the motion backgrounds?

    • Josiah | :

      I recommend using worship software such as EasyWorship or MediaShout.

  123. John G | :

    i’m from Myanmar. i’ve been looking for a motion video background for our church worship service. thanks God, finally i got one..i hope it would help..thank u so much for generosity ..:)

  124. Bonzo | :

    I’m a youth from Christ is the Answer Full Gospel Ministry – Balanga City, Bataan, Philippines.

    Thanks for this share.
    “That in all things God may be glorified…” God Bless..

  125. Byron | :

    Thanks for sharing, bless you.

  126. Panda | :

    This is a great loop. (River Flow)

  127. Kim | :

    What a beautiful vid, thank so much.

  128. Daniel E. | :

    Muchas gracias por la facilidad de disponer de backs.

  129. Cynthia | :

    Thank you, sir.

  130. katral | :

    thank you so much for this free video. more please! thanks! May God bless you more!

  131. April | :

    Thanks so much for the beautiful clip!!!

  132. Lai | :

    I am grateful to God for raising up people who are as talented and skilled as you guys are. This is your spiritual act of worship and I glorify God for your lives.

    Manila, Philippines

  133. frits | :

    tambahin lagi video gratisnya om….. untuk pelayanan GBU

  134. john | :

    Used this as a background for a prayer for revival… great!

  135. Indian Glenn | :

    These free videos help churchs with a small budget. Thank You and may God Bless.

  136. Paulus T | :

    Thanks to bless us… may God bless you..

  137. Josiah | :

    There is no delay – an email with your login and password was sent to the account you used to subscribe with.

  138. sean | :

    Hello. I have paid through pay-pal. Is there a delay before I can start downloading?

    I am a mac user. Is there anything specific I have to do to get these?

    Also on pro-presenter.



  139. Mary | :

    Thanks for this loop. It’s the only ice we ever see in Florida. ha ha.

    Mary from EG First Baptist

  140. Lukas | :

    thank you for the free motion loops. we are so blessed. i’m from Filadelfia Church, Bekasi, Indonesia. God Bless You!

  141. Lee Brewer | :

    Thanks very much – I am brand new to this technology and will be working with your company when I understand a little more of what I am doing.

  142. Benjie | :

    Thank You so much for providing us a free motion loops, a great free resource to our church and to every christian who were very much inspired by this creation. More blessings from God to your ministry.

    In Christ love,
    Benjie from Minglanilla Evangelical Free church – minglanilla Cebu Philippines

  143. Jodi | :

    Thank you for helping me in the body of Christ. Your giving has blessed our church.

  144. Adi | :

    Hey..thanks for this stuff…oh gosh…thank you very much.

    from Indonesia

  145. Alexandra | :

    Thank you very much for all your effort and hardwork. Thanks for sharing it with the church :)

  146. Jane | :

    Wonderful and it’s free. Thank you so very much.

  147. joseph | :

    GOD bless u..
    its a great loop..
    u’r very helpful for the ministry

  148. Marlon Manalo (NBC) | :

    Thank you sovery much! Many are blessed because your free loops.

  149. Aprille | :

    This is lovely. I help with the computer ministry at our church and we have zero budget at the moment so your generosity is appreciated.

  150. Greg | :

    Thank you for this loop. It’s great!

    Every blessing,


  151. sonny_wong | :

    hi, i’m from ROCK Ministries – Singaraja – Bali – Indonesia
    ROCK ( Representaive Of Christ Kingdom)
    very Blessed us…
    thanks for the Ministries

  152. Wagner | :

    Hey this is Wagner from Flamingo Road Church Brazilian Ministry, FL. We are glad that you guys have such a talent to put out a motion BG of this standard just to bless us around the country. This is what I call “kingdom driven ministry”. May God bless you guys abundantly.


  153. Jongsul | :


  154. Joel Romero | :

    Me gusto el back, Felicidades

  155. Ruben | :

    Beautiful graphic. Thanks for blessing those of of us who have no budget to purchase. May God reward your efforts and generosity.

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