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This worship introduction mini-movie is designed to be played just before a worship set to inspire passion and excitement for Christ. It can also be used as a sermon illustration on the topic of worship. It calls us to remember why we lift our praise and give thanks – because of the incredible things God has done & His amazing power – He is alive, He has risen, and He is coming soon! Music by Bensonwells.

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6 Comments on “Epic Text Worship Intro

  1. avatar Dien Hoang | :

    AWESOME VIDEO!! Our church really enjoy these and they really help bring the congregation into joyful spirit of worship. Please continue making these great videos. You are touching many lives through this ministry by the power of worship!

  2. avatar Thomas Kuzma | :

    Please keep up the good work and keep making videos like this and countdowns.

  3. avatar Lee Fleming | :

    PLEASE do more welcomes and countdowns like this! Great stuff!

  4. avatar Janice | :

    Powerful message. This worship starter sets the tone at atmosphere of worship. For the Christmas season we started using the Christmas worship intro. It too is wonderful. I would recommend both.

  5. avatar Kim | :

    LOVE THIS! We’ve been running “Every Blessing: A Worship Intro” for the last month instead of a countdown. We are switching to this one for this Sunday. These are excellent! Thanks!

    • avatar Jeremiah Devine | :

      Absolutley love these videos. Thanks so much. AWESOME

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