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This worship introduction mini-movie is designed to be played just before a worship set to inspire passion and excitement for Christ. It can also be used as a sermon illustration on the topic of worship. It calls us to remember why we lift our praise and give thanks – because of the incredible things God has done & His amazing power – He is alive, He has risen, and He is coming soon! Music by Bensonwells.

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5 Comments on “Epic Text Worship Intro

  1. avatar Thomas Kuzma | :

    Please keep up the good work and keep making videos like this and countdowns.

  2. avatar Lee Fleming | :

    PLEASE do more welcomes and countdowns like this! Great stuff!

  3. avatar Janice | :

    Powerful message. This worship starter sets the tone at atmosphere of worship. For the Christmas season we started using the Christmas worship intro. It too is wonderful. I would recommend both.

  4. avatar Kim | :

    LOVE THIS! We’ve been running “Every Blessing: A Worship Intro” for the last month instead of a countdown. We are switching to this one for this Sunday. These are excellent! Thanks!

    • avatar Jeremiah Devine | :

      Absolutley love these videos. Thanks so much. AWESOME

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